Dr. Harald Vetter

Expert in

  • Austrian and European Paintings and Works on Paper
  • German and Austrian Paintings from 1780 until 1930s
Dr. Harald Vetter
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9am – 6pm CET

Curriculum Vitae


  • Dr. Vetter has studied Art History, European Anthropology, and German studies
  • He has curated many national Styrian exhibitions
  • Dr. Vetter assisted in the building of a large specialized museum, and was acting director of a hunting museum
  • As a descendant of a renowned family of artists, Dr. Vetter enjoys collecting artworks, and has published many texts on the subject
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Harald Vetter, Auctionata Expert in Austrian and European paintings and works on paper, as well as German and Austrian paintings from 1780 to 1930.

Dr. Harald Vetter studied European anthropology, art history and German philology in his hometown Graz. After his studies, he initially worked in the book trade and as a culture critic for various newspapers and magazines. He was also a scout reader for a big publishing house. Furthermore, the expert curated several Styrian national exhibitions, helped build a large, specialized museum and concerned himself intensively with museology. In 1994, Dr. Harald Vetter was appointed director of the hunting museum in Castle Eggenberg. Since 2003, he has been responsible for all folk cultural matters, and he has consulted all regional museums in Styria. Additionally, he was the head manager for the "Peter Rosegger memorial" in Krieglach and Alpl. Coming from a well-known Viennese family of painters, sculptors and architects, Dr. Harald Vetter collects art, publishes his historic-cultural point of view, and occasionally advises the antiques trade.

The expert is a passionate illustrator and music lover, who enjoys writing lyric poetry. The emphasis of his interest lies in the fine arts from the 19th century - especially paintings, watercolors and drawings of landscapes and genres - to mid-modernism. He finds works by Lovis, Corinths, Walchensee, and all drawings by Alfred Kubin particularly impressive. Dr. Harald Vetter always seeks to view an artwork’s importance through a historic-cultural context, and to evaluate it appropriately. His motto is: The passionate collector experiences gain and awareness in every acquisition, thus an establishment of the truth, but most notably, an exciting adventure over and over again.

Dr. Harald Vetter lives and works in Graz.