Curriculum Vitae


  • Specializes in African and Oceanic Art, Aboriginal, Indonesian, Northwest Coast and Eskimo Art
  • Over 14 years experience as a specialist
  • Owner of, the most visited site for tribal art
  • Executive member of the Antique Tribal Art Dealers’ Association
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We would like to introduce you to Michael Auliso, Auctionata expert in Tribal Art.

Michael Auliso has been a specialist in Tribal Art for over 14 years. A New Guinea mask given to him on consignment years ago started his love affair with Tribal artifacts. He exhibits at major art fairs worldwide and has a vast client base.

He is an executive member of the noted organization ATADA (Antique Tribal Art Dealers’ Association) and has traveled to all five continents for field research, visiting remote villages where old traditions are still practiced today. He has studied extensively all of the major collections both in museums and in private hands. In 2005, he published a catalogue of unique objects called “Aberrations and Oddities” for an exhibit in San Francisco which raised money for tribal people persecuted by their governments.

Mr. Auliso is perhaps best known for his internet presence. His site is the most visited website for tribal art, averaging nearly 800 hits per day. Its popularity has grown exponentially due to the rich and some say “addictive” content. Visitors to the site enjoy his reviews of international Tribal Art fairs as well as coveted interviews with important collectors and dealers. He is well respected by his peers and is a familiar face at the Tribal Art galleries and auctions in Brussels, Paris, London and New York. His interests are broad, as is his expertise, which includes African and Oceanic Art, Aboriginal, Indonesian, Northwest Coast and Eskimo Art. Oceanic / Polynesian Art is his personal favorite, specifically the art of the Maori People of New Zealand. Mr. Auliso is one of a handful of dealers who also specialize in the Art of the Philippines, including sculpture, weapons, and jewelry.

Michael Auliso lives and works in San Francisco.