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  • Antique Jewelry
  • Modern Jewelry
  • Diamonds & Pearls

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Emanuel Knöbl
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Master goldsmith for over 20 years
  • Certified diamond appraiser
  • Certified jewelry expert
  • Operated a jewelers with a training workshop since 1991
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We would like to introduce you to Emanuel Knöbl, Auctionata expert in Modern Jewelry, Antique Jewelry as well as Diamonds and Pearls.

A passion for fine jewelry and the art of goldsmithing has been a tradition in the family of Emanuel Knöbl for over 50 years. His father was already a master on the subject and regularly designed singular artful pieces for the reigning Romanian dynasty of the Ceauşescu´s. Having grown up with one foot always in his father’s workshop, the expert quickly discovered his love for goldsmithing at a young age.

Following his apprenticeship in the parental workshop, Knöbl trained to be a master craftsman in Germany before opening his first jewelers with and workshop in 1991. Today, the expert leads a successful jewelry business and goldsmiths in Nurnberg.

Their outstanding assortment not only includes certified unique custom made items, but also fine designer jewelry along with exquisite gold-, silver- and platinum jewelry. As a certified diamond appraiser and jewelry expert, Knöbel also offers customers certified appraisals of their jewelry.

The education of young goldsmiths is of particular importance to the jewelry expert and master goldsmith. Emanuel Knöbl has thusfar succeeded in training 17 apprentices. The fascination for this increasingly rare handicraft and the transferal of his vast knowledge of traditional techniques to young people is a matter very close to the expert’s heart.

Emanuel Knöbl lives and works in Nurnberg.