Curriculum Vitae


  • Co-owner of the consulting firm Aurum Antiquum, founded in 2012
  • Author of numerous academic articles in trade journals
  • Member of various panels of experts at international art fairs
  • Member of the Chambre Nationale des Experts Spécialisés en objets d'art et de collection (CNES) (National Chamber of Specialist Experts for art and collection)
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Corinne Besson, Auctionata Expert in Ancient Jewelry.

Ancient civilizations have always exerted a certain fascination for Dr. Corinne Besson. Even as a child, she was astonished by the monuments of Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. She collected minerals just as fervently, thus sparking her later passion for the jewelry world.

Antique pieces of jewelry reflect the perfect combination of her two passions. For that reason, the expert started a training to be a jeweler after school before she became a student of art history and archaeology in order to complete her specialized knowledge of antique jewelry.

While studying at the Poitiers University, Besson made the acquaintance of Professor Gérard Nicolini, specialized in the field of antique jewelry and its manufacture, who helped her immerse in this specific field until she finished her dissertation. She has been frequently publishing articles in edited volumes and journals ever since, such as “Dossiers d'Archéologie” and “Instrumentum”.

During the years of her studies, she also met Dr. Cyrill Thiaudière who shared the same passion for the world of antique jewelry. In 2012, they launched the consulting firm Aurum Antiquum, offering private collectors as well as public institutions comprehensive services, ranging from a scientific opinion and copywriting to procurement.

Studying manipulations and mending, copies and counterfeiting as well as experimenting in her own workshop and the knowledge of the limitations of ancient manufacturing is all contributing to continuously increase the experts' comprehensive knowledge.

Every instrument leaves its marks on an object. They tell the story of the life of the piece of jewelry with all its fractures, damages and renewals. Giving back these stories to every piece of jewelry is one of the most important concerns for the expert.

Dr. Corinne Besson lives and works in Dun-sur-Auron, France.