Curriculum Vitae


  • Studied Archaeology
  • For more than 15 years, Jeroen has identified and appraised toy marbles for collectors, dealers and international auction houses
  • 15 years experience giving expert opinions
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We would like to introduce you to Jeroen van Valkenburg, Auctionata expert in Medieval Arms & Armour, Antique & Vintage Marbles as well as European Archaeological Artifacts.

From early childhood Jeroen van Valkenburg always had a fascination for marbles. He did not want to play with them in fear of damaging these beauties, but he started collecting them from the moment he saw them.

When he was in his early twenties he found a couple of the strangest and most beautiful glass marbles he had ever seen. One of them even had a bird inside!

He had no idea when and where these were made, but when he found an American book about collecting marbles he found out they were over 120 years old and made by master craftsmen in Eastern Germany.

From that moment he was hooked and started looking for such marbles at flea markets and antique stores. He bought every book known on the subject of marbles and studied them intensely so he could identify all types and styles.

His main area of expertise is German handmade glass marbles made around 1840 - 1910, but also antique china pottery marbles and vintage machine made marbles.

Because of his passion for old marbles and other objects from the past Jeroen studied Archaeology at the University of Leiden and he got his Master’s degree in 1998. As an archaeologist he studied ancient glass making techniques and glass restoration. With this knowledge he can easily identify how old a glass marble is and where it was made.

Jeroen has been identifying and appraising marbles for collectors, dealers and auction houses for over 15 years. He also works for Morphy Auctions, a well-known American auction house which has the biggest marbles auctions in the world.

Jeroen van Valkenburg lives and works in Leiden.