Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 20 years’ experience as tribal art expert
  • Expansive research expeditions to South- and West Africa
  • Extensive work at international fairs for tribal art
  • Independent advisor and consultant for public and private collections
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We would like to introduce you to Patrick Morgan, Auctionata expert in Tribal Art.

As a student, Patrick and his father travelled to Kenya for a number of weeks. The vibrancy of alien cultures, their unknown rituals and extraordinary artwork did not only awaken his passion, but also his wish to research and understand them.

Following his graduation from the college of Idaho, the expert worked in corporate marketing for a number of years, before deciding to exchange marketing for tribal art and to journey to Mali, where he began collecting the art of African tribes. He didn’t just bring back a wealth of priceless experiences home, which he had gathered while travelling through numerous African states ranging from Mali to Zimbabwe, but also a vibrant collection of African art.

Over the next five years, Patrick Morgan would periodically travel to Africa in order to continually expand his knowledge of foreign cultures and their art, while also discovering new works of art. During this time, he increasingly began to delve into the world of antique African art. This new direction was largely triggered by the discovery of an extraordinary collection of antique African art at a Californian flea market. The value and importance of this collection, which had been compiled at the turn of the 20th century, was only discovered over the course of the close investigation and appraisal of every individual object.

During the 90s, Morgan gave up on his collection expeditions to South- and West Africa in order focus on his work in the auction world and international art fairs for tribal art. The expert spent over ten years working at large tribal art fairs in such diverse locations as California, New Mexico, New York, Paris and London.

In the last five years, Patrick Morgan has been primarily working as an independent advisor and consultant. His customers range from private collectors to public museums. He also helped put numerous tribal art collections, like the important collection of "Philippe La Rue", up for auction during this time.

Patrick Morgan lives and works in Paris.