Classic Cars

US muscle cars, sports cars, luxury limousines and more Classic Cars

From the biggest international automobile manufacturers, to obscure one-off experiments, the only thing that ties these cars and bikes together is that they are all considered classics.

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"With our classic cars, we transform
streets into dazzling boulevards. Auctionata not only regularly provides classic car enthusiasts with their dream cars, but also the best service our consignors could wish for."

Wolfgang Jochum, Head of Classic Cars Department

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About the Classic Cars Department

Several times a year, we host our Classic Car auctions, offering a variety of vintage and classic cars, including iconic small cars, US rarities, and classics from Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar. For enthusiasts wishing to own a piece of automobile history, or those who wish to offer their vehicle for sale, we offer a professional and comprehensive service.

We are a team of five experts with years of experience in the field of classic automobiles. The main task of our department is the acquisition and market-driven valuation of classic cars; we are available to travel both at home and abroad in order to visit and evaluate your automobile or collection. We are represented at international antique car shows, and we also auction cars at special collectors’ events, in order to get the best possible price for your automobile.

A Passion for Driving

The automobile has a long and storied history, and a passion for classic cars is closely linked to this history, and the passion for driving that comes along with it. A classic car provides a unique driving experience, and every car has its own story, its own place within the annals of automotive history.

In addition to this personal passion for vintage cars, they are also valuable objects and objects of speculation. At international auctions, billions of dollars’ worth of cars can be traded. And as with artworks, rarity only serves to increase the value, alongside a prominent and complete provenance. Well-known luxury brands such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley and Mercedes come under the hammer alongside rare, long-gone brands, achieving maximum prices.

What is a ‘Classic Car’?

Several times a year, Auctionata holds its Classic Cars auctions, featuring all popular vintage brands. The terms ‘classic cars’ and ‘vintage cars’ are broad, encompassing everything from racing cars and sport cars to luxury limousines and true collectors’ cars. These auctions feature something for everyone, from the casual enthusiast to the committed collector, those who would like to drive around in a vintage US muscle car at the weekend, and those who regularly visit shows dedicated to classic sport cars.

Coupe or convertible

Some of the most popular and well-known manufacturers in the world are represented in these auctions, including BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. Coupes are amongst the most sought-after cars; the closed-body, two-door style has produced some of the most enduring automobiles in history, and is the classic sport car design embodied by cars such as the Porsche 911 and the Jaguar E-Type.

Whether a classic soft-top or a more contemporary convertible hard-top, for a truly luxurious experience, convertibles are difficult to beat. Convertibles have been popular ever since entering the car market in the mid-1920s. These effortlessly stylish classic automobiles include roadsters, open-bodied two-seat cars with an emphasis on sporting character, a popular version of which is the BMW roadster Z-series.

American Muscle

Of particular interest to collectors are the Ford muscle cars, in particular those from their ‘classic era’. Manufactured in very limited numbers between 1968 and 1971, cars such as the Mustang Boss 429 and the Shelby GT500 have become serious collectors’ items, revered by many as prime examples of the classic US muscle cars.

It is not only vintage cars which are sold through Auctionata, but also ‘modern-classics’, exceptional automobiles around 15-20 years old. These modern classics include cult cars of the ‘90s and ‘00s, like the BMW M6, or the Subaru Impreza. Only vehicles over 30 years old can be considered ‘classic’.