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The source of beauty

Auctionata’s jewelry auctions and online shop have established it as a source of quality. We deliver premium items around the world, and are a first choice for where to buy jewelry online. Always offering an impressive selection, we have broken auction records. Hear about each upcoming auction in our newsletter.

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Always a perfect gift

From the refined to the extravagant, from antique heirlooms to modern masterpieces by designers such as Otto Jakob, quality jewelry passes through our hands on a daily basis. If you would like to buy jewelry as a gift, our variety allows you to encounter something uniquely suited to her taste. Visit our shop now to find the right gift.

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Anything you desire

When you buy jewelry with Auctionata, you are spoiled with choice. Our fine jewelry brings together material and form in an elegant way. Diamonds, gold, sapphires, rubies, and pearls are composed in perfect balance. This beauty is poised to last for generations to come. For inspiration in choosing, read about today's expert recommendations.

Buy jewelry online with assurance

Chosen with expertise

Auctionata's experts are behind our quality collection of jewelry. Our network of more than 250 experts looks for unique pieces around the world, hand selecting only the best. When you buy jewelry through our online shop or in one of our jewelry auctions, each piece is approved with expertise.

Purchased with confidence

Every item we offer has been examined by our experts, so that we can inform you about its important features and its value. This allows you to buy jewelry with assurance. Read more about our experts, and some of their experiences in the field, on our experts pages.

Sold with satisfaction

Are you considering selling an item of jewelry or an entire collection? Our experts also support you in this way. We offer five free expert valuations, using years of experience to evaluate your property. At Auctionata, we prioritize quality, both in the items we offer, and the services we provide.

Pleasure and ease: Auctionata’s online jewelry auctions

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Each of Auctionata’s jewelry auctions are conducted by professional auctioneers and filmed in our state-of-the-art studios in New York and Berlin. Join us live, online, in real-time. Visit our auction calendar to view exciting upcoming opportunities to buy jewelry.

Follow the auction online

During the auction, you can follow all of the action online. Buy jewelry using your smartphone or computer, thanks to our patented real-time bidding technology. With years of traditional art auction-house experience, we recognized the chance to modernize, and were the first to go live online.

Sell with expert support

Would you like to sell some jewelry? Sellers profit from our international audience, who make no compromise when they buy jewelry. Our in-house photographers professionally capture every detail of your item to showcase its beauty, and our marketing team provides excellent support.

Sit back and relax

All of our service is aimed at making your experience a pleasure, whether you would like to buy jewelry, or have something important to sell. Contact us today for a free valuation, browse through our online shop, and mark your calendar to join us for the next exciting auction.

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