11. Terms of payment

11. Terms of payment

11.1 The purchase price for the items purchased is to be paid according to the customer´s choice in advance or on account. For each order, Auctionata reserves the right to do not offer certain types of payments and to refer to different types of payment. A right to a certain payment shall not exist. In case of payment in advance, the customer must pay the purchase price immediately upon receipt of the invoice in PDF format. In case of payment on account, the purchase price shall be due for payment 21 days after the receipt of the written invoice. Payment on delivery is excluded. The customer may effect payment by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card (the credit card account will be debited on the following day after the ordering). Auctionata shall not charge any fees for this.

11.2 A buyer shall enter into payment default if he has not rendered payment within 10 days after the payment due date and receipt of an invoice; the relevant date is the date that Auctionata receives the payment into its account. Section 286 Paragraph 4 German Civil Code (BGB) remains unaffected. In the event of payment default, the purchase price of Buyers who are consumers shall accrue interest during the payment default period in the amount of 5% points above the respectively valid base lending rate (in accordance with the statutory directives published by the German Central Bank) plus the statutory VAT. For an entrepreneur, the interest during the payment default period shall be 8% points above the base lending rate plus the statutory VAT. The interest shall be calculated per year and charged to the current account.

11.3 If the purchaser delays in making payment, Auctionata may withdraw wholly or partially from the agreement in accordance with the statutory provisions after granting an extension period of seven days, and demand damages (Section 325 of the German Civil Code (BGB)), which may include, specifically, storage costs and the buyer’s premium.

11.4 The purchaser shall be deemed in default with acceptance of the item if he or she does not accept the item after two delivery attempts, or does not collect the item from the deliverer after it is deposited within the statutory period set by the deliverer, or does not collect the item from Auctionata or the deliverer on the agreed date two times in succession.

In the event of a delay in acceptance, Auctionata may wholly or partially withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the statutory provisions. When rescinding the purchase price payment transaction, Auctionata may offset the amount against any entitlement to compensation. This may include, in particular, the expenses incurred through default and through the reduction of the proceeds in the event that the item is auctioned again, and the auction fees associated with this.

When rescinding the purchase price payment transaction, the purchaser must provide his valid bank account details to Auctionata. If he or she fails to comply with this request, the amount will be deposited with the court after 90 days have passed at the purchaser’s expense.