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Selling in our antique auctions: prosperous, effortless

Sell in our antique auctions or shop

In addition to expanding your collection, Auctionata also offers the profitable opportunity to sell your fine items - either in our online shop for immediate purchase, or in one of our antique auctions. With our extensive worldwide network, we reach sophisticated buyers around the globe, preparing your item for success.

Full quality service

We manage every detail of selling for you, from delicate transportation and expert handling, to a professional debut of your item. Our team of professional in-house photographers, arts and communications experts ensure that the finest qualities of every Auctionata item are illuminated, inspected, and presented to our buyers.

Free valuations and expertise

If you are wondering about the value of your piece, Auctionata offers five free, no-obligation valuations. Simply submit a valuation request, and you will receive a prompt reply, within three working days. The entire process is conducted conveniently online. Take advantage of this good opportunity, and the confidence of confirming your property's high value.

Auctionata antique auctions: Classically refined, cutting-edge

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Antiques stand unrivalled

Brilliantly unique and crafted with mastery, what option rivals antiques when it comes to expressing your taste and sculpting your surroundings? Venturing along back roads, you may plan to go - but let the hunt begin today, with Auctionata’s spectacular selection and simplicity.

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Antique auctions, exquisite modernity

Auctionata’s patented real-time technology brings the antique auction live online. Capture the next heirloom for your collection while on the road for business or relaxing at a café. All you need is your smart phone and an eye for opportunity. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about our upcoming auctions.

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The world-class marketplace

With Auctionata, the back road search for antique treasures doesn’t end- but the road may lead to our studios in Berlin or New York, where the bustling flow of remarkable items from Europe, Asia, and collectors’ vaults throughout the world culminate in one antique auction after the next.

Experience the pleasure: Auctionata online antique auctions

Join our antique auctions today

Auctionata invites you to join us for our next antique auction, filmed live in high definition, and streaming in real-time to your smart phone or computer. Submit your bids online, by phone, or written in advance.

Or, if you happen to be in town, join us for an exciting antique auction in our studios. Here you can get a close look at your items of choice, and watch our professional auctioneers at work. Likewise, contact us anytime to arrange a private viewing.

Meanwhile, if you have something you would like to sell in an antique auction, begin by requesting a free valuation today.

Curated for connoisseurs and led by our licensed auctioneers, our antique auctions are not to be missed. With Auctionata, find pleasure and assurance investing in the next antique to enhance your collection.

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