Team Berlin

You can contact us in our headquarters in the heart of Berlin from Monday
to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm CET.

Auctionata AG
Franklinstrasse 13
10587 Berlin, Germany

+49 (0)30 98 32 02 22


Phone: + 49 30 98321778-0

Thomas Hesse

Chief Executive Officer

Lucas Hülsmann

Chief Financial Officer

Jan Thiel

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Gilkes

Chief Innovation Officer

Johannes Riedl

Chief Operating Officer

Christof Schminke

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

Martin Heyne

Chief Auction Officer

Artashes Torosyan

Chief Technology Officer

Founders and Advisors

Alexander Zacke

Co-Founder Auctionata | Paddle 8

Susanne Zacke

Co-Founder Auctionata | Paddle 8

Georg Untersalmberger

Co-Founder Auctionata | Paddle 8

Aditya Julka

Co-Founder Auctionata | Paddle 8

International Offices


Patrick van der Vorst

CEO Auctionata | Paddle8, UK

Clare Felicity Reid

Director, United Kingdom

Jolanda La Piana

Director, Italy

Dr. Vanessa Moos

Director, Switzerland

Jens Päpke

Representative, Rhineland

Specialist Departments

Phone: +49 30 610 8061 348

Victoria Mäder Dunn

Vice President Specialist Departments Berlin

Old Masters & 19th C. Department

Phone: +49 30 610 8061 41

Beate Rhenisch

Senior Specialist

Sara Katharina Pließ

Department Manager

Modern Art Department

Phone: +49 30 610 8061 314

Sabine Riedlberger

Senior Specialist

Post-War & Contemporary Art Department

Phone: +49 30 610 8061 107

Julia Mauersberger


Anke Sperling


Antiques & Collectibles Department

Phone: +49 30 610 8061 248

Jasmin Damerius

Department Assistant

Maria Koch

Department Manager

Asian Art Department

Phone: +49 30 610 8061 30

Dr. Arne Sildatke

Senior Specialist

Jue Zhang


Olga Dome

Department Senior Manager

Antje Papist-Matsuo


Wrist & Pocket Watches Department

Phone.: +49 30 610 8061 268

Daniele Pugliese

Department Director

Maddalena Pradal

Senior Acquisition Manager

Jessica Höpfl

Acquisition Manager

Jewelry Department

Phone: +49 30 610 8061 65

Fabian Markus

Senior Specialist / Principal Auctioneer

Classic Cars Department

Phone: +49 (30) 80933128

Wolfgang Jochum

VP New Business & Classic Cars

Kai Küppers

Sales Manager

Katharina Jordan

Department Manager

Private & Gallery Collections Department

Phone: + 49 30 98321778-3

Birthe Dahms

Senior Specialist

Urte Kuliesiute

Manager Private & Gallery Collections

Valuation Requests and Consignor Relations

+ 49 30 983 217 784

Sarah Srega

Senior Director International Offices, Valuation Services & Expert Network

Robert Kube

Valuation Services Senior Manager

Philip Roth

Valuation Services Manager

Tomáš Gering

Valuation Services Assistant

Miriam Hülßner

Valuation Services Assistant

Ute Linden

Valuation Service Assistant

Auction Content & Curation

Sedef Seven

Auction Content & Curation Manager

Diana Karayanni

Auction Content & Curation Manager

Maria Kupreeva

Auction Content & Curation Manager

Emma Batchelor

Auction Content & Curation Manager

Expert Network Management

Phone: +49 306108061-61

Lindsay Simon

Expert Network Manager


Phone: + 49 30 98320222

Dina Münzfeld

Sales Director

Bernak Kharabi

Senior Sales Consulting Manager

Franca Pier

Senior Sales Coordination Manager

Margot Rannaud

Junior Sales Consulting Manager

Jenny von Bar

Junior Sales Coordination Manager

Jana Sauer

Sales Coordination Assistant

Trade Relations


Phone: +49 30 6108061-436

Marie Exel

Director Trade Relations Consulting

Viktor Krefeld

Trade Relations Pricing Director

Customer Service

Phone: + 49 30 983202-21

Laura Brüstle

Senior Director Consignor and Buyer Service

Buyer Service

Vivien Wehner

Buyer Service Assistant

Scott Bain

Buyer Service Assistant

Luigi Serafino

Buyer Service Assistant

Darja Zub

Buyer Service Assistant

Christin König

Buyer Service Assistant

Consignor Service

Philipp Dollwetzel

Consignor Relations Manager

Eleonora Bouvet

Consignor Relations Assistant

Manuela Menzel

Consignor Relations Assistant

Chiara Marchisio

Working Student

Hanna Klosi

Working Student

Key Account Management

Pamela Krüger

Key Account Manager

Julia Strebel

Key Account Manager

Public Relations

Phone: +49 30 610 806129

Luisa Elster

Director PR & Corporate Communications

Lisa Langlois

PR Manager

Office Management

Phone: +49 30 208980-102

Boran Özbayrak

Office Manager

Human Resources

Lars Schmidt

VP Global HR

Katharina Zapf

HR Team

Max Mulack

HR Team

Anjuli Hesse

Human Resources Director

Isabel Stoof


Roman Matyushkin