1. General provisions

1. General provisions

1.1 All offers, purchase agreements, deliveries and services based on and in connection with auctions organized by Auctionata, including through the www.auctionata.com website or any other website operated by Auctionata (hereinafter “auctions”) shall be governed by these General Terms and Conditions.

1.2 In the auctions, Auctionata sells items on consignment, i.e. Auctionata assumes the role of seller for the owner of the items (hereinafter “Consignor”) by selling items in its own name on behalf of the owner (“Commission-based Transaction”). Auctionata holds an official authorization for auctioneering according to Section 34b German Industrial Code (GewO).

1.3 The auctions are public auctions according to Sections 474 Paragraph 2 Sentence 2, 312g Paragraph 2 Nr. 10 German Cívil Code (BGB). A right of revocation does not apply for purchase agreements closed with the fall of the hammer.

1.4 Our offerings are intended merely for consumers and business persons who have turned 18 years of age, i.e. only for adults. In the event that the customer only then becomes an adult after turning 18 years of age in the country where he resides, then the customer may only then register when he is considered to be an adult in the country where he resides. The offering and sale of alcohol are directed solely to persons who have reached the age required under law at their residence for the purchase of alcohol. The handover of bought alcohol happens only, if the recipient shows the proof of the age required under law before the handover.

1.5 Auctionata reserves the right to exclude customers from an auction if their residence/delivery address is located in a country in which the goods that are being offered cannot be imported and Auctionata has knowledge of this and if doubt exists about the customer’s identity or his creditworthiness.

1.6 Auctionata reserves the right to limit the number of goods which a customer may acquire. Thus, for example, it may be demanded that acquired goods must be paid for before the customer may continue to bid or buy.

1.7 The customer’s general terms and conditions shall not apply, even if Auctionata has not expressly rejected these in individual cases.

1.8 Auctionata may employ third parties as vicarious agents for the purpose of fulfilling the Agreement. The customer hereby consents to this in advance.

1.9 Employees of Auctionata are not allowed to bid at auctions by Auctionata or to buy goods for auctions, which are entrusted to Auctionata (cf. Section 34b Paragraph 6 Number 2 Alternative 2 German Industrial Code (GewO)).