Vintage watches for sale

Auctionata has excellent vintage watches for sale

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The discerning choice

Astute style, individual character, and timeless class: vintage watches and the discerning wrist make a proper pair. Avoid the ordinary and invest properly. Which statement are you going to make? Auctionata has an impressive collection of vintage watches for sale; we encourage you to take a look.

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Time-tested value

Choose from Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex and more. We have even spotted treasures that went on to break auction records. Whether you are searching for a responsible investment or an excellent gift, a vintage watch is a sound decision that can also increase in value.

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A gift to impress

Consider the longevity of a vintage watch, perfect as a wedding or anniversary present, for graduation, birthday, or retirement. And, worn often as the only accessory, think also of its daily value to yourself. We invite you to choose reliably with Auctionata, your source for premium watches.

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The modern way to shop

At Auctionata, vintage watches for sale are provided in two satisfying ways. Visit our online shop today, where you can make a decisive and immediate purchase. And be certain to take part in our world-class watch auctions, which present a line-up of some of the world's most valuable vintage watches. These premium watches are available for one moment only, before disappearing back onto the wrists of our clients around the world.

The cutting-edge solution

Each vintage watch auction is streamed live to the internet in high definition, where you can place your bid in real-time, using our patented technology. Auctionata was the first of its kind to bring the arts auction house live online. We merge the classic intrigue of an auction house with cutting-edge technology and convenience. Use your smart phone or computer to select from our collection of vintage watches, curated by our network of experts.

Your best source of vintage watches for sale

Assurance and ease

The most important tips for buying vintage watches online are to be assured of safety and quality in your purchase. Auctionata clients can buy and sell any item with confidence, knowing that it has been examined by experts, and that our professional team communicates its details to you.

Chosen by experts

Who are our experts? More than 250 renowned specialists, including the Director for the Expert Group of the German Society for Chronometry, Dr. Oliver Hoffman. He leads our Auctionata Watch Department, experienced in selecting only the finest vintage watches for men and women.

Best quality service

Trust our taste and our care. Your watch will be managed by professional photographers, cataloguers and auction specialists, then make its way to your hands by secure, insured shipping. Look through our selection of vintage watches for sale, and discover what suits your character.

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