The Collector Christian Pfeiffer-Belli

Timeless elegance – Wristwatches from the Pfeiffer-Belli collection

„Watches are my passion“

The collection of famous Munich-based watch journalist and expert Christian Pfeiffer-Belli, which he built up from the 1970s over a period of around 20 years, today contains over 200 wrist watches – 60 of which are chronometers. This makes his the largest collection of chronometers in Germany.

The emphasis of the collection lies on beautiful and interesting wrist watches which Pfeiffer-Belli simply found appealing. He chose to make his extensive and high-quality collection available via Auctionata primarily due to the global reach of the internet, which allows watch collectors globally to take part in the auction and enjoy his watches. Our modern and innovative technology, which no other auction house can offer, fascinated the collector to such an extent that Pfeiffer-Belli decided on our online auction house in Berlin.

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The science of watches – What are chronometers?

The classic: Jaeger LeCoultre Chronometer

Who turned the clock?

Watch experts and enthusiasts know that not all watches are created equal. The use of correct terminology is of great importance among professionals, meaning that not every watch may be called a chronometer, although it appears to measure time like any other.

The term chronometer may only be used to describe watches which have been tested by an observatory or an official institute responsible for certifying chronometer accuracy with the help of a standardised measurement procedure. Once the watch has been tested by one of the observatories, it is awarded a certificate and the maker may call that watch a chronometer.

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Highlights of the Collection

Vacheron Constantin – Subtle luxury for the wrist

From Omega to Jaeger LeCoultre

A number of important brands are represented in the collection of Christian Pfeiffer-Belli, including truly unique watches as well as series watches. Mr. Pfeiffer-Belli began with a collection of around a hundred Huber watches that were gifted to him and which mostly originate from the WWII era.

The current collection brings together small and big names from the watch sector: Longines, Omega, Citizen, Huber, Glashütte, Junghans as well as a number of humorous Swatch watches and a few master watches. This watch by the Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin is an especially elegant example of subtle yet luxurious watchmaking.

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More timepieces from the Pfeiffer-Belli collection

Breitling Chronograph With Calendar

Ulysse Nardin Chronograph Men´s Wristwatch

Jaeger LeCoultre Chronometer

A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Men´s Wristwatch

Audemars Piguet Precision Men´s Wristwatch