3.4 Telephone Bids at Auction

3.4 Telephone Bids at Auction

You may ask us to execute bids at auction on your behalf by telephone (“Telephone Bid”), which shall be subject to the following:

(a) Telephone Bidding is available only for lots whose Estimated Value is at least $1,000. We have sole discretion to accept or reject any request to execute a Telephone Bid, and we may cancel any Telephone Bid up until the winning bid is accepted.

(b) Arranging and execution of Telephone Bids is a free service that we provide to you. While we will exercise reasonable care in undertaking such activity, we do not accept liability for failing to execute a telephone bid, or for errors and omissions in connection with same.

(c) The customer may cancel the purchase order in writing (fax, letter, email) up to 72 hours before the auction begins without citing reasons. Such cancellation is permissible up to 72 hours before the auction begins. Cancellation later than 72 before the auction begins, or after the auction has begun, is excluded in principle; it may be permitted in individual cases at the discretion of Auctionata, however. In cases of cancellation, Auctionata shall be entitled to charge an administration fee in accordance with the schedule of fees for the Auction for each item specified in the purchase order.

(d) Before the auction begins, we will attempt to contact you by telephone at the contact number you provide when you register. If we are unable to contact you after reasonable efforts to do so, we will execute your bid as if it was an Absentee Bid, and we will place bids up to the Starting Price. If no one else bids on the specified Property, your bid will automatically be accepted at the Starting Price.

(e) The winning bid, even if at the Starting Price, shall constitute the Purchase Price, excluding the Buyer’s Premium and applicable sales taxes. We shall charge for these additional costs and expenses separately.

(f) We reserve the right to require written confirmation of a successful bid from a telephone bidder immediately after the bid is accepted. Telephone Bids will be recorded, and by bidding by telephone, you consent to the recording of the conversation.