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In the first year of existence, Auctionata launched its online shop, realized the first online art auction in the history of the internet, expanded its Advisory Board with top-class members and has won a renowned price as one of the most promising Start-Ups. Detailed information you will find in our press releases.

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Auctionata closes down

Berlin, February 28, 2017. Following the conclusion of its preliminary insolvency proceedings Auctionata Paddle8 AG will cease its German operations under the Auctionata brand as sufficient funds for maintaining the going concern could not be found.

As a result, preliminary insolvency administrator Christian von Brockdorff has agreed with the preliminary creditor committee to begin the wind down of the business and the liquidation of its assets in the context of formal insolvency proceedings beginning March 1.

Brockdorff, name partner of BBL Bernsau Brockdorff Insolvenz- und Zwangsverwalter GbR, one of the leading turnaround and insolvency specialists in Germany, regrets this development but sees no viable alternative.

Thanks to the enormous efforts of recently brought in CEO Thomas Hesse and his team to restructure the business, subsidiaries Paddle8 in the US and Value-my-Stuff in the UK were sold and will continue to operate. Reductions in personnel also led to massive cost savings in Germany. Says Brockdorff: “All necessary steps were taken. In the end, however, investors did not come together to make sufficient funds available to operate the insolvent German company as a going concern.”

The German company’s approximately 170 employees have been informed about developments. 30-40 will remain inside the company to support the wind-down process. Hesse, who took over his position from former founder Alexander Zacke in the Fall of 2016, will end his role as restructuring CEO. Says Brockdorff: “Thomas Hesse and his team around CFO Lucas Hülsmann have begun the insolvency proceeding at the right time and rapidly achieved significant restructuring successes, especially with Paddle8 in New York and Value-my-Stuff in London continuing to operate. Despite convincing work of the new management team and a new strategic setup for the German company, the time frame was not sufficient to secure the necessary funds for a continuation of the business in Berlin. I would like to also thank all employees who have diligently supported the company during this difficult time.”

The team around Brockdorff is currently also evaluating additional opportunities for selling partial business assets of the company.

Ralf Beke-Bramkamp
0331 887 6030

Customer Information

Berlin, January 22, 2017

Dear customers of Auctionata

As a pioneer in the online auction world, Auctionata has become the market leader for buying and selling art and luxury goods in just a few years. We owe this success to loyal customers like you. Therefore, transparency, trust and long-term relationships with our customers are of paramount importance to us.

Consequently, we would like to inform you that Auctionata Paddle AG has filed for preliminary insolvency in order to enable an internal restructuring of its assets and a separation of Auctionata, Paddle8, and ValueMyStuff.

On the orders of the Court Charlottenburg from January 16, 2017, a preliminary insolvency administration has been put in place to oversee the assets of the company. Christian Graf Brockdorff of BBL Bernsau Brockdorff Insolvenz- und Zwangsverwalter GbR ( has been appointed as preliminary administrator.

You can find further information in the questions and answers below.

Should you have any further questions or would like to have a personal consultation, our Customer Service Team is at your disposal to advise you trustfully and discreetly under or +49 30 9832 0222.

We would like to thank you for your trust and look forward to continuing our successful cooperation and partnership with you.


The Auctionata Team

For questions to the preliminary insolvency administration, please contact:

1. Will there still be auctions?

Yes, the company will remain able to act and to continue its operations to the full extent during the preliminary proceeding. This means that Auctionata will continue to broadcast livestream auctions in the usual frequency and to offer objects through its online shop. As an international corporation with highly promising growth opportunities, Auctionata still offers you the most modern platform, various sales channels and an exceptional service for buying and selling rare and valuable objects.

2. What happens to my consigned objects?

Objects that are sold on commission and resulting sales revenues are held in escrow under the protection of the preliminary insolvency administrator. They are protected from any unrightful claims of third parties. Merchandise that is currently in our warehouse is a separate estate that continues to be owned by the consigner. Just like before, all commissioned objects will be authenticated and catalogued according to the highest standards, and presented and marketed in our livestream auctions or our online shop. In the meantime, your property is safely stored and handled appropriately. The contracts and specified conditions therein are still valid.

In addition, we are also welcoming new consignments. The valuation of the first five objects remains free of charge. Please contact our Valuations Team for further information under or +49 30 9832 0222.

3. Are my commissions and sales revenues secured?

Yes, all sales revenues of our consignors are held safe in trustee accounts and are thus legally protected from any claims of third parties. Therefore, all sales revenues will be paid out in full and in time. Since the frequency of auctions will remain unchanged, you can still expect to realize the same, quick sell-through times and successes that you have experienced with Auctionata in the past.

There currently cannot be any payment of sales returns that have been realized before January 16, 2017, but have not already been paid out. For all sales realized after January 16, 2017, we aim to pay out the returns within ten working days of receipt of their respective payment.

4. Will sales and auctions still be handled regularly?

Yes, there will be no complications or delays in that regard. Just like before, the livestream auctions will take place in the usual frequency and are organized and marketed by our Sales and Marketing Teams. In addition, we will be launching new, curated sales formats in our online shop, to support the sale of your consigned objects.

5. What changes for bidders, or buyers respectively?

There will not be any changes. The verification, placement and processing of bids in our auctions and in the after-sale, as well as the handling of counter offers and direct purchases in the shop, remain unchanged. Previously placed bids are still valid and handled as before. There also should not be any complications with regards to the delivery of purchased objects and the handling of returns. Of course, the Auctionata Guarantee is also still valid.

6. Will the offer on change now?

No. Our online shop is still open around the clock and there will still be regular livestream auctions. The objects that we offer will still be authenticated, catalogued, presented and marketed with the same care and quality standards as before. In addition, we will launch new, curated campaigns in our online shop, which will highlight special objects and personal recommendations for you. The Auctionata Guarantee also remains unchanged.

7. Are Auctionata and Paddle8 still one company?

No, both companies will be managed independently again. Both Auctionata and Paddle8 are leaders in the auction world due to the extraordinary work of their teams, the technology they have built, and their dedication to provide excellent value and service to consigners and customers. The proceedings and the separation will allow each brand and business to realize their full potential.

Auctionata Paddle8 Announces Restructuring of Core Assets, while Paddle8, ValueMyStuff and Auctionata separate

Berlin, January 19, 2017 – Auctionata Paddle8 AG the parent company of Auctionata Inc., Paddle8 Inc., and Auctionata Paddle8 Ltd. (formerly ValueMyStuff) has filed for preliminary insolvency in order to enable the restructuring of core assets. To that end, Paddle8 Inc. and Auctionata Paddle8 Ltd. are in advanced conversations to separate Paddle8 through an investor buy-out supported by New York-based management. The parent company is in several active conversations with promising investors to recapitalize, fund Auctionata’s strategic development, and further develop its powerful technology platform for professional consigner partners and traditional auction houses. With a clear focus on operational excellence, consigner seller products and customer experience, Auctionata plans to continue to operate on a leaner structure with a clear path to break even. One of the leading German restructuring and insolvency specialists, Christian Graf Brockdorff of BBL Bernsau Brockdorff Insolvenz- und Zwangsverwalter GbR, has been appointed as preliminary administrator.

Thomas Hesse, who took over the position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Auctionata Paddle8 AG from Auctionata-founder Alexander Zacke in September 2016, explains: “Auctionata and Paddle8 have redefined the online market for auctions in art and luxury collectibles. Both companies are leaders in the auction world due to the extraordinary work of our teams, the technology they have built, and their dedication to provide excellent value and service to consigners and customers. The proceedings and the separation will allow each brand and business to realize their potential and are ultimately the best way forward to protect our assets and employees.”

Auctionata purchased the stock of Paddle8 Inc. in May 2016 to jointly expand their categories and sales formats. Auctionata is the inventor of the livestream auction and offers a unique user experience featuring video and diverse sales channels across multiple categories of art and luxury collectibles. Paddle8’s core strengths include timed auctions and benefit auctions with focuses in Post-War and Contemporary Art.

From a legal perspective, Paddle8 operations are not subject to the proceedings. Auctionata will also continue to run auctions and sell merchandise under a special protection regime. Objects are sold on commission and any sales revenues are held in escrow under the protection of the preliminary insolvency administrator. Merchandise in the warehouse is a separate estate that continues to be owned by the consigner. All sales operations will be handled according to the high standards customers expect from Auctionata and Paddle8.

Auctionata and Dom Pérignon Announce Limited Edition ‘Malle Plénitude’ Trunks in First Exclusive Online Auction

  • Five custom-made trunks with 23 bottles of the finest vintages to be offered to buyers worldwide via livestream auction show on December 10, 2016
  • First collaboration of Auctionata and Dom Pérignon

Berlin, November 21, 2016 – Auctionata | Paddle8, the leading online destination for art and luxury collectibles, and Dom Pérignon, the world’s most prestigious champagne manufacturer, are collaborating to present their first joint auction named “La Malle Plénitude by Dom Pérignon”. This exclusive online auction will take place on December 10, 2016 on and will present five never-before-seen ‘Malle Plénitude’ trunks, each including a collection of 23 meticulously chosen bottles of Dom Pérignon Vintage, P2 and P3. The trunks will be offered to bidders through a livestream auction show featuring Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy and Auctionata | Paddle8's Chief Innovation Officer and auctioneer Alexander Gilkes.

Champagne lovers worldwide can place their bids on these ‘holy grails’ from 19 November through December 10 on or live during the auction show. The starting price for each trunk is €36,000, making it a one-of-a-kind present for the sophisticated connoisseur. Bidders and viewers can follow the auction on via desktop, tablet, the Auctionata Live iPhone App and on Facebook Live.

Encapsulating 37 years of Dom Pérignon’s history, each ‘Malle Plénitude’ includes 23 bottles filled between 1969 and 2006 and personally selected by Richard Geoffroy. Each assortment consists of ten bottles of Dom Pérignon Vintage, ten bottles of Dom Pérignon P2 and three bottles of Dom Pérignon P3, which were all released over the last 15 years. Geoffroy explains the unique character of the selection: “This collection of bottles is a unique journey through time as Dom Pérignon has never before released such a complete assortment of vintages. All bottles are handpicked from our cellar, where they have been stored under perfect conditions, guaranteeing the highest quality of the vintage. This is the first and probably the only time that such a complete selection will be released, and therefore, the ‘Malle Plénitude’ represents a unique opportunity to start or to complete an outstanding Dom Pérignon collection.”

The ‘Malle Plénitude’ will be produced in a strictly limited edition of six, of which five will be offered in this auction, while Dom Pérignon will retain a prototype. Moreover, all ‘Plénitude’ trunks will be fully made-to-order. Each buyer will be able to customize the design of his numbered trunk by choosing from a variety of finest leather types, interior linings and engravings. Consequently, the trunk bears not only a valuable collection of the most outstanding champagnes of the world, but constitutes a one-of-a-kind casing and highly decorative, individualized design object.

Each trunk owner will also receive a personal invitation to experience the singular universe of Dom Pérignon through an exclusive visit to the winery’s historic abbey and cellar in Hautvillers, France, which is normally closed to the public. Consequently, this auction represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every Dom Pérignon enthusiast and offers an exceptional gift for the upcoming holiday season.

This auction is the first collaboration between Dom Pérignon and Auctionata | Paddle8. Christof Schminke, Auctionata | Paddle8’s Chief Marketing Officer, says about the partnership: “Dom Pérignon is the first champagne manufacturer of the world and globally known for its unique combination of tradition, modernity, and mystery, which complements our own brand identity. As the leading online destination for the 21st century collector, we are thrilled to provide the global platform to debut the ‘Plénitude’ trunks and to offer these exclusive objects to champagne enthusiasts across the world”.

About ‘Malle Plénitude’

Each ‘Malle Plénitude’ is made-to-order in a strictly limited edition. The wood, leather type and color, nominative engraving and finalization details can be customized.

The choice of the vintages reveals the singularity of Dom Pérignon and its unique evolutionary path that takes each vintage through 3 successive stages, called Plénitudes.

Starting Price: 36,000 Euro

Please click here for more information about the auction.

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Press contact

Auctionata | Paddle8
Luisa Elster
Director PR & Corporate Communications
Telephone: +49 30 610 8061 29

30 Cooper Square | New York | NY 10003 | USA
Franklinstr. 13 | 10587 Berlin | Germany

Dom Pérignon

Julie Poiraud

Telephone: + 33 6 8915 5678


Auctionata | Paddle8 launches “The Paddle8 Pad” Marking a Milestone in UK Expansion and Brand Integration

“The Paddle8 Pad” is the Company’s First Joint Endeavor

The series of 10 auctions has been curated by Paddle8 and will be broadcast live from a London townhouse using Auctionata’s livestream technology

London, November 17, 2016 – Auctionata | Paddle8, the leading online auction platform for art and luxury collectibles, has launched its first London-based livestream auction series. “The Paddle8 Pad” is a new curated sales concept tailored to the 21st century collector, featuring live video auctions hosted in the heart of London. Curated by Paddle8 and powered by Auctionata, “The Paddle8 Pad” will bring to life a vetted selection of fine art, jewellery, and design objects in an innovative, cinematic, and inspiring auction format. Through live, video-based storytelling, “The Paddle8 Pad” will contextualize the offered items into a stylish and shoppable online experience that bidders can access from anywhere in the world. The series of ten auctions will be broadcast live from a London townhouse from November 29 to December 5, 2016 on

Poised to unite under the Paddle8 brand in 2017, “The Paddle8 Pad” is Auctionata | Paddle8’s first jointly branded sales format that combines the brands’ complementary competencies in curation and video technology. While Paddle8 is known for its high-calibre merchandise, a keen eye for style, and curatorial expertise across different collecting categories, Auctionata pioneered by building a global auction platform for art and luxury goods using an innovative, patented livestream technology.

Dr. Thomas Hesse, who was appointed CEO of Auctionata | Paddle8 in September, says: “The launch of “The Paddle8 Pad” in London is an important step in the company’s international expansion strategy and a new milestone for its brand and platform integration. By uniting our strength in curation and our innovative video technology under the Paddle8 brand, we can provide an immersive and enhanced collecting experience which will set new standards for a global audience of buyers and consignors”.

All auctions from “The Paddle8 Pad” will be livestreamed from a London townhouse near Regent’s Park (32 Portland Place) and offer an exclusive inventory. The careful curation of each auction has been overseen by Paddle8 Co-Founder Alexander Gilkes, a London native and by Paddle8 UK CEO Patrick van der Vorst. “The Paddle8 Pad” was conceived to showcase property that spans all aspects of the modern collector’s lifestyle while presenting a distinctly curated point of view on collecting. Offerings will include Post-War and Contemporary Art, Prints and Multiples, Photographs, a private collection of Latin-American Contemporary Art, Asian Art, Jewellery and Design.

Presented by renowned British experts, hosts and auctioneers including Alexander Gilkes, Patrick van der Vorst, Edward Rising, and George Lamb, the auctions will be held in an entertaining and inspiring live show format. By revealing the interesting stories behind the objects on sale, each auction broadcast will provide an immersive experience for bidders and viewers, and can be followed via desktop, tablet or the “Auctionata Live” iPhone App.

Alexander Gilkes comments: "The Paddle8 Pad auctions will mark the first collaboration between our recently merged platforms: Auctionata and Paddle8. Using Auctionata's cutting edge livestream technology and Paddle8's curatorial prowess, the sales have been built for the 21st century. Collectors worldwide can now follow, bid on and collect works with ease across various categories through an innovative and entertaining video format".

“The Paddle8 Pad”: Auction Calendar






Fine Jewels

Tue, Nov 29

1pm GMT


The P8 Pad: Start collecting (Part 1)

Tue, Nov 29

8pm GMT


Objects of Design

Wed, Nov 30

3pm GMT


A Collection of Contemporary Jewels

Wed, Nov 30

5pm GMT


Photographs curated by Lou Proud

Fri, Dec 2

1pm GMT


1,000 years of Asian Art

Sat, Dec 3

1pm GMT


The P8 Pad: Start collecting (Part 2)

Sat, Dec 3

3pm GMT



Mon, Dec 5

2pm GMT


Contemporary Art

Mon, Dec 5

7pm GMT


Beyond Geometry: A Private Collection of Latin-American Contemporary Art

Mon, Dec 5

9pm GMT

For more information, browse the Online Catalogues and watch the Trailer Video.

High resolution images and videos can be downloaded in a Press Kit.

“The Paddle8 Pad” Highlights Exhibition:

Wednesday, November 23, 11am to 7pm

Thursday, November 24, 9am to 7pm

Address: 32 Portland Pl, Marylebone, London W1B 1NA

Press Contact

Luisa Elster

Director PR & Corporate Communications
Phone: +49 30 610 8061 29


Auctionata | Paddle8

30 Cooper Square | New York | NY 10003 | USA
Franklinstr. 13 | 10587 Berlin | Germany

Alexander and Susanne Zacke leave Auctionata’s Management Team

Berlin, October 17, 2016 – Auctionata co-founders Alexander Zacke, most recently Chief Marketplace Officer, and Susanne Zacke, most recently Chief Sales Officer (CSO), are transferring their managerial responsibilities to the company’s new management team. The move was mutually agreed after the new management team led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thomas Hesse and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Lucas Hülsmann assumed responsibility for the company. Alexander and Susanne Zacke will gradually hand over their roles between now and the end of the year and will remain associated with Auctionata | Paddle8 in an advisory role. They will then work exclusively on the company’s behalf in a product-sourcing capacity.

Thomas Hesse, CEO of Auctionata | Paddle8, said of Alexander and Susanne Zacke’s decision: “Alexander and Susanne Zacke have been foundational for the creation and growth of Auctionata. With their entrepreneurial drive, art expertise and tireless efforts, they brought the conventional auction business into the digital age – in particular, by operating the livestream auction. They cleared the way for Auctionata to become the largest auction house in Germany and the leading online player in art and luxury goods worldwide. I would like to thank them with all my heart for all their many accomplishments.”

In 2012, Alexander Zacke founded Auctionata in Berlin and led the company as CEO until August 2016. Auctionata joined forces with Paddle8, a U.S.-based online auction house in May 2016 and became the global online leader in art, collectibles and vintage luxury. The merged company now ranks among the 10 largest auction houses worldwide outside of China.

“Auctionata has accomplished a fantastic growth story that fills us with great pride. A small start-up has become a dynamic global player,” Alexander Zacke said. “At this point, the company is ready for the next stage of growth under a new management team. As the company’s founders, Susanne and I know that Auctionata | Paddle8 is in the best hands.”

Thomas Hesse assumed leadership of Auctionata | Paddle8 as CEO in September 2016. Hesse has more than 20 years of experience in leading, developing and digitally transforming companies. Together with CFO Lucas Hülsmann, who joined Auctionata in October after a 20-year career at Procter & Gamble, the international management team will further accelerate the global growth path of Auctionata | Paddle8.

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Auctionata | Paddle8 appoints Dr. Thomas Hesse as Chief Executive Officer

  • Founder and former CEO Alexander Zacke takes on role as Chief Marketplace Officer
  • Lucas Hülsmann named as new Chief Financial Officer

New York/Berlin, September 1, 2016 – Auctionata | Paddle8, the online auction platform for art and luxury goods, based in New York and Berlin, has expanded its leadership team. Thomas Hesse, 49, has been named new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to lead the German-American high-growth company. Auctionata | Paddle8 also appointed Lucas Hülsmann, 45, an experienced finance professional, as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In his role as CEO, Hesse succeeds Auctionata founder Alexander Zacke, 50, who has held this position since 2012. Going forward, as Chief Marketplace Officer, Zacke will be responsible for the development of new sales categories and seller products for the online platform.

Hesse has more than 20 years of experience in the leadership, development and digital transformation of companies in the television and media industry. He was formerly President of Corporate Development and New Businesses and member of the Executive Board of Bertelsmann, and led the merger of Sony Music and BMG and the digital transformation of the music industry over many years as Sony Music Entertainment's President of Global Digital Business and US Sales. As former CEO of RTL Newmedia and co-founder of VEVO, the largest online platform for music videos, Hesse is one of the pioneers of video broadcasting and digital content, and has gained a deep understanding in the leadership of online startups as a business angel and venture investor. In his new role at Auctionata | Paddle8, he will lead the integration of the merged company, and its evolution from online auction house to curated live video network and global marketplace for art and luxury goods.

“Three years after the launch of the livestream auction, Auctionata | Paddle8 is one of the most promising and innovative companies at the highly dynamic intersection of ecommerce, media, art and luxury goods,” says Hesse. “The recently merged company has built a strong digital platform with a powerful business model in a short amount of time, and has enormous opportunities to scale further. I am very excited to lead Auctionata | Paddle8 as the company is entering its next phase of sustained and rapid growth.”

Hesse takes over as CEO from Alexander Zacke, who founded Auctionata in 2012 in Berlin and has since then built up the company to the world’s largest online platform for art and luxury goods. As Chief Marketplace Officer, Zacke will continue to pursue his original vision of transforming the auction market in the digital world – evolving a platform with traditional auction formats into a highly scalable set of live video channels and transaction capabilities: “I am proud of the progress Auctionata | Paddle8 has made, quickly becoming one of the largest auction houses in the world. For the future development of the company we need an experienced executive leading from the front. I am very glad that after an extensive search we have found the perfect candidate for this position in Thomas Hesse, whose experience in the media industry will be extremely valuable for Auctionata | Paddle8. As Chief Marketplace Officer, I am excited to focus again on my original founding vision of digitally transforming the auction market.”

Lucas Hülsmann will join the management team as Chief Financial Officer on October 1. Hülsmann has worked at Procter & Gamble in Geneva for more than 20 years. In his most recent role as Associate Director Global Development Markets, he was responsible for the financial and strategic management and the Corporate Governance of P&G’s global export and distributor markets for more than 120 countries, with over $1.5B of sales. In his new position at Auctionata | Paddle8, Hülsmann will critically contribute to the further development of the company’s financial structures and processes as the organization continues to expand. “I have been able to watch Auctionata’s impressive growth closely for many years and I am thrilled to join the company as it enters into the next level of growth and success”, says Hülsman. “Auctionata | Paddle8 is strongly positioned with a unique offering for both lovers and dealers of art and luxury goods, and I am very happy to bring the knowledge gained over many years of working in various areas of financial management to Auctionata | Paddle8, its clients, employees, and investors.”

Chairman of the supervisory board Dr. Christian Nagel comments: “With Thomas Hesse and Lucas Hülsmann, Auctionata | Paddle8 has gained two seasoned managers who are both internationally experienced and highly competent. In this new constellation, the global management team is ideally set up to implement our ambitious and exciting growth plans”. Paddle8 Co-Founder and Auctionata | Paddle8's Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, Alexander Gilkes adds: "We are thrilled to welcome on board our new CEO, Thomas Hesse and CFO, Lucas Hülsmann. While they share our vision and entrepreneurial ethos, they bring to the table a wealth of experience which will help us stay ahead of the curve as we endeavor to reinvent the user experience for buying and selling art, luxury goods, and other high-end collectibles.”

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Paddle8 and Auctionata unite to form the global online leader in art, collectibles and vintage luxury

  • Joint company will be the fastest growing destination for buying and selling objects of value, and one of the top 10 largest auction houses worldwide outside of China
  • Bringing together the leading innovators of the sector, the combined company will cater to a new era of tech-savvy, mobile collectors

New York/Berlin, May 12, 2016 – Auctionata and Paddle8 announced today that they are joining forces to create the global leader in online art, collectibles and vintage luxury. The joint company will immediately become one of the top 10 auction houses worldwide outside of China and the fastest growing company in the sector. Paddle8 and Auctionata share a vision of being the destination of choice for the 21st century collector as well as art dealers. Auctionata has already established a presence in Europe as the leading German auction platform. In the U.S., Paddle8 is the largest online auction platform and has strong brand recognition as a marketplace for art and luxury collectibles. With joint sales above $150M and nearly 800,000 registered users, the united company will be a dominant player for art and luxury collectibles in the most important markets globally.

“Auctionata and Paddle8 combine complementary business models which will mutually benefit each other in their respective markets. Our ability to innovate at a faster pace and develop new technologies and services is a great opportunity to further increase growth. The reciprocal nature of our business, coupled with our shared desire to grow the culture of collecting in a transparent and efficient manner made this partnership a very easy decision,” said Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata.

Together, Paddle8 and Auctionata will grow the underserved global mid-market in this space. While legacy brick-and-mortar auction houses dominate the high-end of the collectibles market, online secondary marketplaces at the opposite end of the spectrum cannot provide transparency and authentication. This leaves a gap where the middle market, for objects up to $500K, is vastly underserved. Both Paddle8 and Auctionata have independently pursued this market, and together they are poised to win and grow the sector.

“This merger allows us to allocate greater resources toward innovating at every step of the collecting process, from online valuation services to post-sale fulfillment, and to expand our current offerings in terms of both categories and sales channels,” said Aditya Julka, co-founder of Paddle8. “As a result, we’ll be able to provide the best customer experience and the most efficient and comprehensive platform in the middle market for buyers and sellers from every corner of the globe.”

The joint company will offer a more extensive and diversified inventory as Paddle8’s sales are oriented mostly toward contemporary art and design, while Auctionata specializes in vintage luxury. Paddle8’s strong presence in timed auctions, private and charitable sales coupled with Auctionata’s industry-first livestream auction format plus online shop means that the two companies can now provide customers with an unrivalled multitude of categories and sales formats. In addition, the united company’s strong presence and operational hubs in Europe and the U.S. will enable it to consolidate the market not only in terms of categories, but also across geographies.

“Auctionata and Paddle8 uniting forces strengthens this growing segment of the market,” said David Zwirner, one of the world’s most influential art dealers and a member of Paddle8’s board. “Globally, we are seeing a new era of collecting online. There is a desire and confidence to purchase from anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, which benefits both individual buyers and sellers alike.”

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The merger brings together an established leadership team with all co-founders remaining in strategic and operational roles integral to the company’s future growth. Alexander Zacke, previously CEO of Auctionata, will lead the global management team of the newly formed group. Both the Paddle8 and Auctionata brand names will continue on as the two companies fuse together.

Additionally, all investors from both Paddle8 and Auctionata will remain involved. To date, Auctionata has raised $88M in equity capital with notable investors including Earlybird, Kite Ventures, MCI Management, Hearst Ventures and Groupe Arnault. Paddle8, meanwhile, has raised a total of $44M with an array of investors from across the business, tech and art sectors including Founder Collective, Mousse Partners and Skate Capital, as well as art-world insiders like David Zwirner, Damien Hirst and Jay Jopling.

Founded in 2012, Auctionata has been one of Europe’s fastest growing online companies. In 2015, the company recorded $90M in gross merchandise volume, an increase of 165 percent from the prior year. The majority of sales resulted from livestreamed auctions from continental Europe. Auctionata’s most successful category in 2015 was vintage luxury (cars, wine, watches and jewelry), and in all, the company held a staggering 249 auctions last year. A highlight from 2015 included the record set for an Asian work of art sold online, with an 18th century Chinese clock grossing $3.83M last June.

Paddle8 was launched in 2010 by co-founders Aditya Julka, Alexander Gilkes and Osman Khan, and has quickly grown to be an innovative force in the U.S. and U.K. art, design and collectibles market, through its timed auctions, private sales and charitable sales. In 2015, the majority of Paddle8’s revenues stemmed from the contemporary art and design categories, highlighted by an emphasis on curation from global tastemakers, including Grace Coddington, Damien Hirst and Tory Burch and presenting rare collectibles such as Kurt Cobain’s credit card. The company posted sales of nearly $50M in 2015, a 26 percent increase from the prior year and saw substantial growth from its for-profit business, with a 100 percent year-over-year increase.

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Transparency has long been Auctionata’s top priority

  • KPMG Governance and Compliance report was commissioned by Auctionata’s management, in close consultation with the supervisory board
  • The report refers to the early stage of the company, i.e. early 2013 to mid 2014
  • The audit was part of the preparations for an IPO and an ongoing professionalization
  • All issues pointed out by the report have already been addressed in 2015

Berlin, April 6, 2016 – Two years ago, the Berlin-based online auction house Auctionata, made the issue of compliance and transparency a top priority. Since mid 2014, the company has been continuously working on the improvement of its internal compliance and governance structures. For this reason, Auctionata’s management commissioned the renowned auditing company KPMG to carry out a Governance and Compliance report in August 2014. After only two years in business, the young company made the strategic decision to improve standards and increase transparency on its own accord. The goal was to improve internal company standards on the basis of this report and to prepare for a potential IPO. Since the submission of the report in early 2015, Auctionata has systematically begun to make the necessary changes. All of the issues pointed out by the report are documented in a “Compliance Progress List” and progress on all fronts has been tracked and monitored for successful compliance. The supervisory board was fully informed about the report and its rigorous processing at all times.

“The rapid growth of Auctionata made us soon realize that we could not continue on as a young start-up could. For that reason, the management ordered a full-scale compliance audit. Wherever our standards were found to be lacking, we rigorously changed them,” says Alexander Zacke, Founder and CEO of Auctionata. “Naturally we made mistakes in the beginning, but we have worked hard to fix them.”

Auctionata has carried out regular internal audits since the submission of the report, which has contributed to further improvement of compliance standards. Marc Vendolsky, Head of Legal, has been monitoring adherence to the legal and regulatory requirements and has been coordinating the improvements since his appointment in August 2015. He provides progress reports to the management and supervisory board on a regular basis.

Dr. Christian Nagel, Chairman of the Auctionata Supervisory Board and Partner of Earlybird, comments: "The Supervisory Board, which represents the investors, was fully informed about the entire compliance process at all times. The commitment and achievements in meeting highest compliance standards are exemplary. Not least due to this reason, the management of Auctionata has earned the full trust of the Supervisory Board."

Auctionata strengthens market leadership with GMV of €81 million ($90 million) and new auction formats

  • GMV of €81 million ($90 million) in 2015 (+165%)
  • Market leadership and record results due to innovative auction formats
  • Large increase of broadcasting time of livestream auction planned for 2016

Berlin/New York, March 8, 2016 – The online auction platform Auctionata has completed 2015 with a GMV of €81 million ($90 million). The company, which started in Berlin in 2012, recorded an increase of 165 percent compared to the year before. Around 76 percent of the GMV was generated from the livestream auctions, while fixed-price sales contributed 24 percent. Nearly 80 percent was realized through the Berlin office, while 20 percent came from the offices in New York City and in London. The categories with the strongest turnover were Watches (25 percent), Classic Cars (23 percent), and Fine Art (22 percent), next to Asian Art (14 percent), Applied Art (12 percent) and Vintage Luxury Goods such as wine, jewelry and fashion (4 percent). Overall, around 16,000 items were sold. The net commission revenue amounted to €21 million ($23 million), compared to €6 million ($8 million) in 2014.

In total, 249 auctions were held in 2015, of which 44 were broadcasted live from the auction studios in New York. In these auctions, more than 100,000 bids with a total value of €483 million ($536 million) were placed. Due to innovations in the livestream technology, new auction and event formats were launched, which now enable Auctionata to hold and broadcast auctions simultaneously from two or three separate locations. Moreover, a series of record sales were achieved in the livestream auctions. The highest result of the year came from the sale of a Chinese automaton clock, which sold for €3.37 million ($3.83 million), including buyer’s premium, in June. The buyer was the Chinese billionaire and former taxi driver Liu Yiqian, who bought the object with his smartphone. Thereby, Auctionata set a new world record for the most expensive work of art sold in an online auction, and achieved not only the highest annual GMV, but also the highest auction result of any German auction house in the year 2015. The biggest increase was recorded for a porcelain vase from the 17th century, which was called with a starting price of €5,000 ($5,435) and sold for €875,000 ($951,000), incl. buyer’s premium, after a 17-minute-long bidding contest. With these results, Auctionata strengthened its leadership position in the online auction market, only three years after the start of its livestream auctions in May 2013.

Alexander Zacke, founder and CEO of Auctionata, comments: “With around 200,000 customers from 199 countries and several distinct yet complimentary livestream formats, Auctionata has gained a significant reach. At the same time, our permanently accessible auction experience and diverse offering appeal to a steadily increasing, international and particularly young customer base. On our path to becoming the world’s first “24/7 auction channel”, we will further increase our livestream auction frequency and air time while expanding our service offering for sellers.”

Additionally, Auctionata has strengthened its position in the US market, as Joseph Stasko, Managing Director US, explains: “As a result of Auctionata’s growing business in the US, we were able to ramp up the frequency of our livestream auctions from New York from 8 in 2014 to 44 in 2015. Auctionata’s US branch has gained a strong foothold in the market across a range of categories led by Contemporary Art and Luxury Collectibles. We are excited to expand into new auction categories and formats in 2016.”

Dr. Christian Nagel, partner at venture capital firm Earlybird, comments: “In the past year, Auctionata has again shown a good growth rate of 165 percent while further improving its operating performance. As a result of the company’s advances into new fields of business and acquisitions, we are once again expecting a strong development for 2016.”

Auctionata closed a Series C financing round of €42 million ($45 million) in May, in which all existing investors participated. The round also included new investors MCI Management, Hearst Ventures, Yuan Capital, and Groupe Arnault. Additionally, Auctionata acquired the London-based valuation service provider ValueMyStuff in September to enlarge its international network of experts and expand its presence in the British market.

Auctionata acquires ValueMyStuff and pursues international growth trajectory

  • Auctionata acquires UK-based online valuation service ValueMyStuff (VMS) to grow its global expert network and enhance user experience
  • Previous VMS shareholders, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis from BBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’, bought out
  • Auctionata continues its international growth trajectory towards market leadership

Berlin, September 25, 2015 – The leading online auction house Auctionata has acquired the London-based valuation company ValueMyStuff (VMS). VMS was founded in 2009 by its current CEO Patrick van der Vorst, former President and Head of Department at Sotheby's in London. VMS offers fee-based valuations with a team of over sixty fine art, luxury objects, antiques and collectibles specialists who have formerly worked at major international auction houses. With over 469,000 valuations and 400,000 customers, it is one of the largest online valuation companies in the global market.

Alexander Zacke, founder and CEO of Auctionata, said; “Having access to the best experts worldwide is an essential aspect of Auctionata’s business model. Through the acquisition of VMS we are able to expand the expertise from which we provide our customers with fast and reliable valuations. As the market leader and inventor of the livestream auction, we are thus not only shaping the user experience for our bidders, but also for our consignors.”

Patrick van der Vorst, founder and CEO of VMS, added; “The partnership with Auctionata allows us to not only provide our customers access to the best experts, but also a direct path to the most successful online selling channel for their valued items.” Van der Vorst will oversee the expansion of Auctionata’s global expert network and continue in his role as CEO of VMS.

In 2010, VMS received significant media attention after van der Vorst’s appearance on the BBC series ‘Dragon's Den’, where he was able to attract a £100,000 investment from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis. As a result of Auctionata’s take-over, the two previous shareholders, Meaden and Paphitis, have been bought out. Talking about the success of her investment, Deborah Meaden said; “Over the last few years, VMS has shown significant growth and has expanded its business both organically and through acquisitions. It had always been our plan to build and exit and we will be delighted to see the company reach another level with a strong international partner.”

The acquisition of VMS constitutes another advance in Auctionata’s rapid international expansion, particularly into the United Kingdom. Having grown to become Germany’s biggest auction house in less than three years, with revenues of €35.7 million (US $39.7 million) in the first half year 2015, the company is pursuing its track towards market leadership in Europe.

Disrupting the global auction market: Auctionata achieves online world record, 195% growth and first positive EBITDA

  • With GMV of €35.7 million (US $39.7 million) and growth of 195% in the first half of 2015, Auctionata is now the biggest auction house in Germany
  • New world record for a work of art sold in an online auction underscores the competitive edge of the livestream format
  • First positive EBITDA of €2.1 million (US $2.3 million)

Berlin, July 20, 2015 – The Berlin-based online auction houseAuctionata has completed the first half of the year 2015 with a GMV of €35.7 million (US $39.7 million), which constitutes a 195 percent increase compared to the same period in the year before. Only two years after launching weekly livestream auctions, Auctionata is now Germany’s biggest auction house both in terms of revenue and size of staff. About 80 percent of the GMV was generated in the livestream auctions, while the online shop and private sales contributed the remaining percentage.

Moreover, Auctionata set a new world record for a work of art sold in an online auction. In June, a Chinese automaton clock sold for €3.37 million (US $3.83 million) to the well-known investor Liu Yiqian. This makes it the most expensive work of art ever to be sold in an online auction, and the highest auction result for any German auction house in 2015. Further, top sales were achieved in the categories of Fine Art, Contemporary Art, Watches and Classic Cars.

Over the last six months, Auctionata has broadcast 123 auctions in which live bidding can now also be done via an iPhone app. The livestream technology offers sellers a global reach and enables mobile access to numerous auctions in diverse categories for buyers from all over the world. This unique customer experience has attracted more than 30,000 bidders from 140 countries. Moreover, the number of active customers has increased to 146,000. Sellers have consigned objects worth €74 million (US $82 million) over the last six months. In June, the company also realized its first time ever positive EBITDA of €2.1 million (US $2.3 million) due to occurring scaling effects.

Alexander Zacke, founder and CEO of Auctionata, explains: “Since the start of our livestream auctions in May 2013, we have continuously increased our performance by 170 percent, so that we are now closing in towards our GMV target of €100 million (US$ 111 million) for this year. By offering an enhanced customer experience through our livestream auctions, we are driving the disruption of the traditional art market, and have left behind our brick and mortar competitors in Germany in less than two years. Now we are focusing on becoming the number one auction house in Continental Europe within the next 18 months. We have built a proven model and have been extremely fast in reaching the leadership position in Germany. With this same model, we can become leaders in any market, any category, and any geography.”

Furthermore, Auctionata recently closed a Series C financing round of €42 million (US $45 million) in which all existing and several new investors participated. The new investors include MCI Management, Hearst Ventures, Yuan Capital, and Groupe Arnault, controlling shareholder of French luxury group LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.

Dr. Christian Nagel, partner at venture capital firm Earlybird: “Auctionata’s ambition to create 21st century auctions makes it a new powerhouse in today’s art market. Only two years after its start, the company is able to sell objects for more than €3 million (US $3.3 million). This is a clear proof of the strong competitive edge of the livestream format, and the trust in Auctionata’s brand. By successfully meeting 21st century expectations of customers across the globe, Auctionata is on the right track to launch an IPO in 2016.”

Auction Record: Chinese Clock sells for 3.37 million EUR (3.83 million USD)

New world record for an Asian work of art sold in an online auction

Berlin, June 23, 2015 - The online auction house Auctionata ( has set a new world record for an Asian work of art sold in an online auction. In its 259th auction ‘Important Asian Art’, on June 20, which was broadcast online via livestream, a rare enamel, ivory-mounted and paste-set musical and automaton clock from the late 18th century was sold for 3.37 million euros (including buyer’s premium). This makes it the highest auction result in Germany in 2015 and the most expensive object that Auctionata has sold since the start of its livestream auctions in May 2013.

The rare masterpiece of Chinese clock-making stems from the Guangzhou workshop and was offered for a starting price of 300,000 euros. Overall, the clock attracted more than 1,000 interested auction participants from 35 countries. After a fierce 10 minute bidding battle between 6 bidders from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York, the museum-quality piece was ultimately sold for 3.37 million euros to the well-known business man and investor Liu Yiqian from Shanghai (clickhere to view a video clip of the sale of the clock from the auction livestream).

Liu owns one of the most important art collections in China, which is displayed in the Long Museum in Shanghai (, which he founded with his wife. In the past, Liu has received great attention for several purchases of extremely important Chinese works of art, for example when he bought the so-called ‘chicken cup’, a small porcelain cup from the Ming dynasty, for 36 million US dollars at a British auction house in April 2014. Liu Yiqian comments: “I am more than happy to be the winning bidder for this amazing piece of craftsmanship. Auctionata is providing the auctions of the 21st century, where bidding via livestream is just so convenient, even over an iPhone app.”

Imperial Chinese clocks from the Guangzhou workshop are among the most sought-after works of art from the Qing Dynasty. Only very few of them are privately owned, and have ever been available on the art market. Auctionata is thus the first auction house to have offered such an outstanding object of Chinese origin in Germany. The musical automaton clock represents the magical mountain Penglai, which is known as the home of the ‘Eight Immortals’ of Taoism. The mountain with a waterfall is made with utmost precision and decorated with many small figures, representing the Eight Immortals, their attendants as well as the Three Star Deities. The fully functional automatism sets most of the figures, the pagodas, the waterfall and a richly decorated yin-yang symbol in motion, presenting a fascinating spectacle.

Dr. Arne Sildatke, Senior Specialist for Asian Art at Auctionata, explains: “I am thrilled with this great result! It reflects the historical value of this museum-quality automaton clock and the rarity of its Chinese theme. Curating an auction with such an important artwork is an experience beyond description. The record price of 3.37 million euros is a very strong signal of our international clientele and proves that Auctionata has secured its position as one of Europe’s premier marketplaces for Asian art.”

Auctionata completes Series C financing round

Berlin, May 13, 2015 – The online auction house Auctionata ( has now closed its previously announced Series C financing round through an investment from Groupe Arnault, the controlling shareholder of French luxury group LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton ( Additional new investors in the round are MCI Management, Hearst Ventures and Yuan Capital.

Alexander Zacke, founder and CEO of Auctionata, explains: “The commitment of our investors confirms that our strong business model and our innovative live stream auction format have proven successful in selling high-priced artworks and luxury items via the Internet.”

Auctionata offers unique works of art and vintage luxury objects via its online live stream auctions, which are broadcast several times per week from Berlin and New York. Over the past year, Auctionata has significantly grown its vintage luxury segment, which includes watches, jewelry, vintage fashion, wine and classic cars. Auctionata also plans to enter new categories in this sector such as diamonds and luxury real estate.

Online auction house Auctionata closes €42 million funding round

Berlin, March, 30, 2015 – The online auction house Auctionata ( completed its series C financing round with a total new investment of €42 million (US $45 million). The round is led by stock-listed MCI Management from Warsaw. Auctionata also welcomes Hearst Ventures from New York, leading growth investor Kreos Capital from London and Yuan Capital from Hong Kong as new investors. All existing investors participated in the round, among them Earlybird,, Kite Ventures, Raffay Group, TA Ventures, Bright Capital, REN Invest and Holtzbrinck Ventures.

In 2015, the core focus of Auctionata will be on sustainable growth. The funding will be used to further grow leading auction categories like Watches, Classic Cars, Wine, Jewelry, Design, Contemporary Art, Fine Art, Antiques and Asian Art, to prepare the launch of new categories such as Musical Instruments and Memorabilia, Architectural and Garden, Diamonds and Luxury Real Estate, as well as to further develop the livestream auction format and to grow the global seller and buyer base in general.

Auctionata’s founder and CEO Alexander Zacke explains: “Since the launch of the weekly live stream auctions in May 2013, Auctionata has grown considerably and has successfully positioned itself among the global leaders for online auctions of art, antiques and luxury collectibles. In the future Auctionata will focus on efficient growth and thereby lay the ground for both organic and non-organic category and geographic expansion.”

Sylwester Janik, Partner at MCI Management comments: “We are excited to back Auctionata’s ambitious growth plans. The company is an excellent example of what we look for in our investments: a disruptive business model combined with a high quality team and a leadership with strong industry experience.”

Auctionata’s advisor on this growth funding round was the international investment bank GP Bullhound.

Auctionata Successfully Closes 2014 with 163% Sales Increase for Total Sales of €31.5 million ($41 million)

Berlin, February 18, 2015 – The online auction house Auctionata completed its 2014 season with recorded sales* of €31.5 million ($41 million)**, a 163% increase from 2013 sales of €12 million ($16.5 million). Auctionata’s global presence has expanded beyond its Berlin headquarters and regional offices in London and Zurich, with the addition of a New York base and new regional offices in Rome and Madrid. The company now has over 300 employees around the world.

“Last year’s growth is proof that our customers trust us to be as approachable as a local auction house with the capability to sell to a global audience,” says founder and CEO Alexander Zacke. “We found that there is a demand in the mid-market range for art and luxury collectibles that is not being met. Through our entirely digital valuation and auction platform, our business model is perfectly suited to service this need.”

Live stream auctions successfully drove business with 75% of sales

In 2014, Auctionata conducted a total of 113 live stream auctions that sold over 12,000 objects in various categories including the debut of classic cars broadcast from the new Berlin studio. Nearly 8,000 bidders from over 100 countries placed bids for a total bid value of €250 million ($325 million). Live stream auctions generated 75% of sales revenue, with €1.5 million ($1.9 million) coming from the new U.S. auction broadcasts. Nearly 20% of additional sales was generated by the Online Shop. Sales were geographically distributed across Europe (65%), Asia (17%), and the United States (13%). On average, Auctionata is able to sell 75% of all consigned goods within a six-month period.

Auctionata’s valuation service resulted in 56,000 requests in 2014

As the company continues to source items from around the world, Auctionata’s experts have reviewed a total number of 56,000 valuation requests, representing over 250,000 objects with a total estimate value of €200 million ($260 million). The company now has more than 130,000 customers worldwide. Last year, more than 4.5 million unique visitors viewed Auctionata’s website, and the number of new customer registrations increased by nearly 90% compared to the year before.

Global expansion and technological developments to continue in 2015

Auctionata’s full-service location in New York, led by Ben Harley, International Managing Director, and Joseph Stasko, Chief Operating Officer North America, will expand its customer base in 2015, its auction business, and the Online Shop. Hartley comments: “With Auctionata in New York, we will continue to grow our relationships with U.S.-based consignors and raise brand awareness in North America. The upcoming opening of the permanent studio and warehouse space in the heart of New York’s art scene will create more opportunities for more and larger auctions.”

Also in 2015, Auctionata is planning on expanding its presence within Europe as well as launching a third full-service location with a live stream studio in Hong Kong. “The Asian market and its customers have enormous potential and we feel that it is essential that we open a new location to meet the growing demand,” Zacke explains. “Strong customer relationships are one of the foundations of our business. Therefore we have to be present in all major markets to continue our success and grow.”

As Auctionata expands geographically, improvements within the website and digital platform will also continue to be a focus. “The infrastructure and functionality of our website and live stream broadcasts is what distinguishes us from other auction houses and e-commerce sites,” says founder and Chief Technology Officer Georg Untersalmberger. “Our goal in 2015 is to create a seamless user experience across all devices, including mobile capabilities.”

Auctionata Successfully Completes First New York Auction

Auctionata successfully conducted its first New York auction this morning, from 10 AM to 12:10 PM EDT. The inaugural auction attracted over 100 bidders from 32 countries, in conjunction with partner bidding sites. Forty-three out of fifty-one total lots sold, with the most active bidding surrounding the Cartier Ball Form Clock, the collectible Blue Enamel Novelty Clock and vintage bags by Hermes, Christian Dior and Gucci. The highlight of the auction was the sale of the Blue Enamel Novelty Clock (Lot #23). Valued at $1,200, it was sold to a bidder in Italy for $4,500.

"Our first auction in New York is a historic milestone for Auctionata. While we have conducted over 100 live stream auctions from Berlin and developed an international audience, we knew that to be a truly global company we had to have a major presence in New York. With our first sale, and our upcoming schedule of fall auctions, we have accomplished this goal," commented Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata. He continued, "Our successful launch establishes New York City as an important cornerstone for this company. I am excited to see our continued growth."

Featuring auctioneer Amy Papola and specialists Steven Brezzo and Cole Harrell, the auction was live streamed from Auctionata's midtown broadcast studio, which features a 6,000 square foot sound stage with a full broadcast team, led by four experienced production executives. The broadcast studio is the second New York home for the company, with the main office located in the Fuller Building. The interactive nature of the online auctions combined with the patented live stream technology allows for bidders to interact directly with the auctioneer.

"Property of a Well-Traveled Gentleman represents the diversity and character of the New York City and is a fitting way to launch our New York presence. Through our technology, we are providing global audiences with a secure platform where they can buy with confidence and trust," says Ben Hartley, International Managing Director, Auctionata.

Joseph Stasko, Chief Operating Officer, North America, added, "We are thrilled to have successfully completed our first New York sale without a single operational hitch. Everything went as planned, and we look forward to our next sale on November 16."

In today's auction, the most sought after lots were:

Property of a Well-Traveled Gentleman (Pre-Sale Estimates) Results
Blue Enamel Novelty Umbrella Form Clock ($1,200 $4,500
Cartier Ball Form Clock ($500) $1,200
Hermes White Leather Shoulder Bag ($600) $1,200
Gucci Crocodile Shoulder Bag ($400) $850

The next New York auction, Modern & Contemporary Art Including Prints, will take place on Wednesday, November 16, 2014 at 7 PM EST. For more information on the auction and its lots,

World Record: Auctionata attains Maximum Price for VW Bus

With the first ‘Classic Cars‘ auction on November 28, 2014, the Berlin online auction house Auctionata ( scored a remarkable success with the introduction of a new auction category to its considerable repertoire. The auction features old- and young timers, daily drivers, racing cars, and exclusive collectors cars spanning nearly 80 years of automotive history. Rally driver Jutta Kleinschmidt was on hand to provide her expertise during the proceedings. A total of 665 participants from 31 countries took part in the live stream auction, which saw 26 of 39 vehicles sold directly to proud new owners. A further eleven vehicles were sold under reservation and their transaction terms are still being negotiated or have in some cases already been completed. Wolfgang Jochum, Director of New Business and Classic Cars at Auctionata, is proud of the successful premiere: “The auction result exceeded our expectations. To date we have been very successful in the luxury segment with watches, jewelry, and wine. Classic cars are a logical expansion of our portfolio, and we are delighted to have made such a triumphant start.”

The star of the evening was a VW T1 ‘Barndoor’ 23 Window Samba DeLuxe from the year 1955. This vehicle was initially sold under reservation, however was subsequently sold for €190,000 (= circa $235,000 at current exchange rates). This result trumps the previous record held by a VW bus, which was set at $217,800 during an auction in California in June 2011.

An outstanding highlight that went under the hammer during the regular auction was a Riley Brooklands from 1928. It attained a sale price of €165,000, making it the most expensive classic car of the auction. A further top result was obtained by a Mercedes Benz 230 SL Pagode Cabrio, which far exceeded its estimated price of €34,000 by clinching a hammer price of €55,000. A further auction highlight arrived in the shape of a Mercedes Benz 300 ‘Adenauer’ Convertible Conversion, which changed hands for €121,000. A Riley Sprite Special from 1934 found a proud new owner for the sum of €93,500. (All prices include Buyer’s Premium).

Wolfgang Jochum reflected on this success: “The great auction results demonstrate that Auctionata’s activities succeeded in both reaching and assuring classic automobile collectors and aficionados. Based on this success, we will continue to expand this segment to ensure that we can establish ourselves as a German auction house in the classic car scene.” On February 27, 2015, the classic car auction will go into its second round. Here you may once again expect to see numerous high-grade old timers and singular collector’s cars. Amongst others, a mint condition BMW 2002 Turbo from original ownership, a Maserati Merak and Porsche 356 B Super 90 will be going under the hammer.

Auctionata 2014 year in a review: Outstanding results in the new markets and new categories

Berlin/New York, December 16, 2014 – Auctionata, the online art auction house, successfully auctioned more than 6,500 objects in 113 auctions. The company achieved an overall 81% sell-through rate for lots sold at auction and through Auctionata’s online shop. Outstanding results and several world records were achieved in categories such as contemporary and modern art, fine arts, photography, decorative arts and design, Asian art, jewelry, watches, and wine, as well as new areas such as classic cars and historic mementos. Registered bidders from over 67 countries participated in the live stream auctions.

The addition of the New York office in September further bolstered Auctionata’s international presence, with a total of six offices in Berlin, London, Zurich, Rome and Madrid. Eight auctions streamed live online from the midtown Manhattan broadcast studios. Consignments came from collectors across the globe and from over 5,780 valuations processed exclusively by the New York specialist team. Auction records of note from the Manhattan broadcasts included the screenprint of Andy Warhol’s ‘John Wayne’ ($80,000/€63,905), Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Still Life with Lobster’ ($33,600/€26,840), and Keith Haring’s ‘Growing IV’ ($26,400/€21,089) and ‘Growing V’ ($31,200/€25,017).

In December, Auctionata achieved two new milestones - its first 100% sell-through sale of ‘Exceptional Snuff Bottles from a Spanish Collection’ on December 11 and the highest auction sale total for the ‘Important Asian Art’ sale on December 12. The snuff bottle sale demonstrated enormous interest among nearly 500 bidders from 28 different countries. The ‘Important Asian Art’ sale yielded the highest auction total of €1.6 million ($1,993,270) and set a new world record for a work of the Chinese artist PAN Tianshou sold outside of China.

Auctionata also curated several new auctions. The first ‘Classic Cars’ auction on November 28 achieved a new world record for the Volkswagon T1 23 Fenster Barndoor Samba that sold for €190,000 ($236,276). Furthermore, themed auctions such as ‘Timeless Bauhaus Design,’ ‘Iconic GDR Art & Design,’ and ‘Soviet Space Memorabilia’ presented eclectic collectibles for bidders around the globe (all prices incl. buyer’s premium).

Auctionata und Lumas gehen Kooperation ein

  • Erste gemeinsame Auktion: „LUMAS: Stars der Fotografie“ am 31. Oktober 2014
  • Mehrmals jährlich Livestream-Auktionen hochwertiger Fotokunst

Berlin, 10. Oktober 2014 – Nie waren Fotografien auf dem Kunstmarkt so begehrt, nie erzielten fotografische Arbeiten höhere Preise bei Auktionen. Auch ausverkaufte Werke der Editionsgalerie LUMAS erreichten in der Vergangenheit Wertsteigerungen von bis zu 800%. Nun veranstalten das Online- Kunst- und Auktionshaus AUCTIONATA und LUMAS gemeinsame Livestream-Auktionen. Bereits am 31. Oktober können in der ersten Versteigerung „LUMAS: Stars der Fotografie“ weltbekannte Aufnahmen wie das Werk „New York 1967“ des kürzlich verstorbenen Künstlers Robert Lebeck ersteigert werden. In der auf stattfindenden Auktion werden insgesamt 160 Objekte, darunter ikonische Werke international anerkannter Fotografen wie Brassaï, Michel Comte, David Hamilton und Bert Stern live angeboten.

Marc Alexander Ullrich, Geschäftsführer und Gründer von LUMAS, zum Hintergrund der Kooperation: „LUMAS und AUCTIONATA ergänzen sich perfekt: Insbesondere im Bereich Fotografie hat LUMAS bereits einen großen Kreis von Kunstinteressierten und jungen Sammlern begeistern können. Mit Hilfe von AUCTIONATAS Livestream-Auktionen können wir zudem den Sekundärmarkt für unsere Kunstwerke stärken.“ Auch Alexander Zacke, CEO von AUCTIONATA, sieht der Zusammenarbeit mit großem Enthusiasmus entgegen: „Mit LUMAS haben wir den idealen Kooperationspartner für AUCTIONATA gewonnen. Unsere Philosophien passen hervorragend zusammen, und mit unseren gemeinsamen Livestream-Auktionen wird uns ein weiterer großer Schritt gelingen, um den Auktionsmarkt für Fotokunst transparent und zugänglich zu machen.“

„LUMAS: Stars der Fotografie“ gibt den Auftakt zu mehrmals jährlich stattfindenden Auktionen, bei denen Bieter aus der ganzen Welt live mitsteigern können. Bereits im Dezember folgt eine weitere Versteigerung ausgewählter Fotokunst. Gemeinsam ermöglichen das Auktionshaus AUCTIONATA und die Editionsgalerie LUMAS damit das Ersteigern von sehr selten auf dem Auktionsmarkt vertretenen Arbeiten herausragender Künstler.

Den vollständigen Auktionskatalog mit detaillierten Beschreibungen und Abbildungen finden Sie hier:Auktionskatalog - LUMAS: Stars der Fotografie am 31. Oktober 2014 um 18 Uhr .

The Live Streaming Auctioneer of Art and Collectibles Will Host Its First U.S. Auction in October

New York, September 16, 2014Auctionata, the live streaming online auction house, is proud to announce its launch in the United States with its first auction entitled The New York Property of a Well-Traveled Gentleman, featuring a collection of rare Tiffany silver tableware, vintage luggage by Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci, and decorative clocks by Cartier, Shagreen, and Tiffany. The auction will commence at 10:00 AM EST, October 23, 2014, streaming live online at

Auctionata has preserved all the familiar aspects of the traditional auction while hosting the entire process online, affording participants the ultimate in convenience. Online bidders anywhere in the world can watch a simultaneous stream of a live auction featuring curated lots of fine art, antiques and collectibles, and participate in real-time bidding.

Since its inception in 2012, Auctionata has made the international art market conveniently accessible to the general public worldwide. To date, Auctionata has conducted nearly 100 online auctions, selling tens of millions of dollars of fine art and collectibles, including such record sales as $2.4 million for “Reclining Nude” by Egon Schiele and $620,000 for a Patek Phillipe Reference 2499 watch.

Each auction is presented by a live auctioneer appearing on-screen accompanied by a specialist in the auction category, who provides details and answers questions concerning each lot, including, for example, details as to the origin and condition of the lot. Auctionata’s unique live stream auction process uses patented video streaming and encoding that provides a clear view of both the host and the object on the block, real-time information about the bidding, and the opportunity to submit live bids from anywhere in the world. The entire auction unfolds just as if participants were in the auction room with the auctioneer and the specialist.

Indeed, Auctionata has not only preserved and automated all the familiar aspects of the traditional auction, it has improved the experience by offering free valuations to prospective consignors – with absolutely no obligation. With an in-house roster of 40 specialists and a network of over 250 experts worldwide, Auctionata has provided more than 70,000 free valuations to prospective consignors.

“Auctionata delivers a reimagined auction house experience. Everything from evaluations, appraisals, and authentication is now more transparent and accessible than ever before to buyers and sellers alike. Gone are the days of bulky catalogues, pre-auction viewings and extensive travels– everything is available in high-definition display online in the comfort of your own home at the click of a button. We take great pride in the amount of time and care we take for each lot from the beginning, carefully examining and verifying every detail, from unique imperfections to original packaging and documentations,” says Joseph Stasko, Chief Operating Officer of Auctionata, North America.

“Today everyone, regardless of age, is not only physically but emotionally tied to their smartphone, tablet, and computer. While much of the art world struggles to stay relevant in this ever-changing age of social media and technology, Auctionata has embraced it. It has given us the opportunity to reach a broader and younger audience, perhaps even fostering a larger appreciation and awareness of art and culture by making it more accessible,” say Ben Hartley, International Managing Director of Auctionata, North America. “The Fuller Building, a New York City landmark, represents our foundation in the traditional art world, but our technology moves us into the 21st century.”

Starting Thursday, October 23, 2014, the first of eight auctions will stream live from Auctionata Broadcast Studios in midtown Manhattan. The complete 2014 New York auction schedule is as follows:

October 23, 2014, 10 AM EST The New York Property of a Well-Traveled Gentleman
November 16, 2014, 7 PM EST Modern & Contemporary Art Including Prints
November 19, 2014, 7 PM EST Modern & Vintage Timepieces
November 24, 2014, 7 PM EST 20th Century Decorative Arts & Design
December 03, 2014, 7 PM EST American & European Fine Art
December 07, 2014, 7 PM EST Modern & Vintage Timepieces
December 08, 2014, 7 PM EST Asian Works of Art
December 09, 2014, 7 PM EST Jewelry

Press Contacts:

Rebecca Kim
Director of Public Relations
Office: (212) 899-1777

The Townsend Group – (203) 622-1334

Robin Davis

Redington Jahncke

Auctionata achieves remarkable growth in first half of 2014

  • Total sales increased to €12 million ($16,1 million) (1)
  • Net revenues increased 211% compared to second half of 2013
  • Record hammer prices were achieved in many different categories
  • Auctionata reached a cooperative venture with LUMAS, the global photography edition gallery

Berlin, July 25, 2014 – The online auction house Auctionata (, founded in Berlin in February 2012, reports continued above-average growth in the first half of 2014 with total sales (2) reaching €12 million ($16,1 million), a 96% increase over the second half of 2013, when sales totaled €6,1 ($8,2 million).

Adjusted net revenues (3) reached of €3,6 million (US $4,8 million), an increase of 211% compared to the second half of 2013. In June 2014 net revenue reached an annual run rate of €14,94 million (US $20,2 million).

Since the launch of the weekly live stream auctions in May 2013, 25,000 bidders from more than 100 countries have made auction bids with a total value of €210 million (US $282 million). Since the online valuation service and network of experts were launched, businesses and individuals have uploaded 650,000 objects to the Auctionata website, from which Auctionata experts have selected 25,000 for auction and the online shop. In 2014 alone, merchandise valued at €37 million (US $50 million) has been consigned to Auctionata for sale, either by auction or at fixed price through Auctionata’s online shop.

Several auctions across all auction categories involved rather aggressive bidding battles, resulting in surprisingly high winning bids (prices include buyer’s premium and exclude sales tax):

  • Agostino Bonalumi (1935-2013), Two Wall Objects, 1966, for €84,000 (US $113,000)
  • Rare Fire-Gilt Bronze Figure of Buddha Amithaba, China, Yongle, for €240,000 (US $322,000)
  • Patek Philippe Split Second Chronograph, Reference 5004 R, for €192,000 (US $258,000)
  • Wolfgang Tümpel, Rare Silver Coffee Pot, Germany, 1928, for €40,000 (US $54,000)
  • Franz Ivan Roubaud (1856-1928), Circassian Troops, 1880s/1890s, for €156,000 (US $209,000)
  • Petr Konchalovsky, Portrait Dmitri Konchalovsky, 1934, for €96,000 (US $129,000)
  • Jodocus Erfordensis – Early Incunabulum ‘Vocabularius’, 1473/74, for €26,000 (US $35,000)
  • Arman & George Boisgontier, Chess Game ‘Double Gambit’, 1986, for €108,000 (US $145,000)
  • 7 bottles 1982 Château Lafite Rothschild, Pauillac, for €15,000 (US $20,000)

With a growing list of over 100,000 registered clients, Auctionata has been able to further strengthen its position as the leading online market for art, antiques and collectibles. June saw the establishment of another milestone in the young history of the company: thanks to its excellent record on internet security and transparency, Auctionata received the German TÜV certification, making it the only online fine art sales and auction house to earn such recognition of quality and reliability.

Since June 2014, a full-service office in New York City’s Fuller Building (41 East 57th Street & Madison Avenue), attends to the American market with a current staff of 30 employees. Beginning in November, weekly live auctions will also be broadcast directly from New York, and Eric Gonon, the creator of CNBC’s famous “Mad Money” show, will be in charge of Auctionata’s weekly live stream auction show broadcasts. In addition, Auctionata entered into a co-branding partnership with the photography editions gallery LUMAS in July. Within this framework, joint auctions of photography will be held starting in fall 2014.

(1) All Euro prices are converted into Dollar prices by using the exchange rate from August 04, 2014 (1€ = 1.3422 $)
(2) Total sales – Gross Merchandise Value of sold items
(3) Adjusted net revenues – Commission and service revenues after corrections

Auctionata accelerates growth and concludes a €21.5 million (US $30 million) funding round

  • New funding round yields €21.5 million (US $30 million) secured within the existing group of investors
  • First quarter with a turnover of €4.6 million (US $6.4 million) - +550% compared to the same period last year

Berlin/New York, April 15, 2014 – The Berlin-based online art and auction house Auctionata ( has secured €21.5 million (US $30 million) in the course of a second funding round from the existing investors, among them Holtzbrinck,, Earlybird and REN Invest. “The commitment of the existing investors once again demonstrates the degree of trust that Auctionata has established among customers within the market and proves the success of the business model of live-stream auctions,” says Dr. Christian Nagel, partner of investor Earlybird. Including this second round, Auctionata has received approximately €37 million (US $52 million) in equity capital and funding.

Auctionata is the leading online destination for art, antiques, and collectibles in Europe. The company uses its patented technology to conduct live-stream auctions online within the areas of Old Masters, modern and contemporary art, porcelain, silver, antiques, design, photography, jewelry, watches, wine, Islamic art, Asian art, textiles as well as books and manuscripts. In addition, it has an online shop curated by 250 experts that offers over 10,000 rare items for sale. A total of 17 online live auctions have already been conducted in 2014, with an average sell-through rate of 77%. The total net turnover of €4.6 million (US $6.4 million) has exceeded expectations and represents a growth rate of 550% compared to the same period last year. The online shop accounts for 30% of the total turnover. Auctionata now has 75,000 customers from over 100 countries and 500,000 website visitors per month and holds the world record for a work of fine art sold by online auction with Egon Schiele’s “Reclining Woman” (sold for €1.8 million incl. buyer’s premium)

Alexander Zacke, CEO: “We are proud that Auctionata has been able to establish itself within the art and auction market in less than a year from the inception of live-stream auctions. Auctionata has succeeded in winning the trust of sellers, buyers and investors and we are looking forward to leveraging this increase in capital by expanding Auctionata’s global activities and broadcasting online auctions live from New York as of November”.

Auctionata Secures Ben Hartley for U.S. Management Team

Ben Hartley, president of Louise Blouin Media, joins Joseph Stasko and Robin Roche to lead U.S. operations

Berlin/New York, March 3, 2014 – Auctionata, the first purely online auction house, today announced Ben Hartley, former president of Louis Blouin Media (LBM), will join the new U.S. management team as international managing director. In addition, Auctionata announced the appointments of Chief Operating Officer for North America, Joseph Stasko and Chief Auction Officer for North America, Robin Roche, to complete the U.S. management team.

“With Ben Hartley we have secured a talented and proven leader for our U.S. team, who understands the business strategies of the international art market like no other,” said Alexander Zacke, chief executive officer of Auctionata. “He completes our top notch U.S. management team and we could not be better prepared for the planned U.S. launch in New York.”

At LBM, Hartley played the leading role in building the company’s worldwide business into the largest culture and lifestyle publishing company, with magazines (Art + Auction; Modern Painters; Gallery Guide and Blouin Lifestyle), websites and book publishing company. Hartley has grown from a U.S.-based domestic online visual arts platform into a network of portals now operating in 20 countries, in ten languages and with over one million unique users per month. In addition to his role at LBM, Hartley previously served as the deputy director at the Museum of Arts and Design, led global corporate communications and sponsorship activities at the Guggenheim Museum and founded and managed a successful cultural consulting business.

Auctionata’s newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Joseph Stasko, is a 25-year veteran of the international art world, who was most recently senior vice president and international managing director at Christie’s in New York. During his tenure there, Stasko led the expansion of its Fine Art Storage Services division into three countries and three continents. Stasko previously served as deputy director of the International Sculpture Center and executive director of the Organization of Independent Artists.

Before joining Auctionata as its North American Chief Auction Officer, Robin Roche headed artnet Auctions for three years. While there, broke the world record for an online art sale with Andy Warhol’s “Flowers.” Roche previously managed the New York branch of Gerald Peters Gallery. She began her career at Christie’s, where she managed multiple specialist departments for ten years.

Auctionata: Sales increase tenfold, US Start in 2014

  • Sales volume increased from €1.2 million ($1.65 million) in 2012 to €12 million ($16.5 million) in 2013
  • Offices opened in London and Zurich, with international expansion continuing in 2014
  • World record for Schiele’s “Reclining Woman” sold for €1.8 million ($2.4 million)

Berlin, December 17, 2013 – Auctionata, the Berlin-based online auction house (, brings 2013 to a close with a positive balance. The startup has significantly outperformed the sales forecast set for 2013 in its business plan. Weekly growth of five percent clearly reveals the existing market potential and the successful strategic approach of the company, which has set a goal of opening up the international art market. Auctionata’s online shop – which sells objects for set prices and, as of December, now offers more than 10,000 items – contributed to this result with roughly 25 percent. In a total of 35 online auctions held weekly since May 3, 2013, and broadcast live from its own TV studio, Auctionata has achieved an average sell through rate of 70 percent. In its very first year holding auctions, Auctionata set a number of records. These include breaking the previously existing record for the online sale of a work of fine art with the auction of Egon Schiele’s “Reclining Woman” for €1.8 million ($2.4 million, incl. buyer´s premium) on June 21.

The inventors of the digital equivalent of a traditional auction room now have nearly 60,000 registered users from over 100 countries. Thus far, the professional valuation service has conducted more than 40,000 free valuations. Of those, roughly 15,000 evaluated objects with a merchandise value exceeding €33 million ($45.4 million) were successfully acquired by Auctionata.

The Berlin-based company has grown in 2013 to now over 140 employees. Since November, Christof Schminke, who was previously Head of Strategic and Offline Marketing at Zalando, enhances Auctionata’s management team as the new Chief Marketing Officer. Senior Vice President for North America, Robin Roche, who was formerly Senior Vice President & Global Head of Auctions at Artnet, sets the course for the US launch planned for the 3rd quarter of 2014, complete with Auctionata’s own TV studio and logistics center in New York. In November, Auctionata already opened offices in London and Zurich.

Dr. Lars Langusch, General Partner at Holtzbrinck Ventures: “Through its top performance, Auctionata has really proven itself in 2013 – it’s a startup that’s really worthy of the name and it brings along the best qualifications for achieving its ambitious goals in 2014.”
Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata: “We are extremely delighted about this positive outcome, which we owe in large part to our professional team and the excellent cooperation we enjoy with more than 250 independent experts. For 2014, our target is to become the German market leader in terms of sales volume. Beyond that, we will continue to systematically pursue our international expansion, building, next to Hong Kong, a full-service location in New York, the center of the international art trade.”

Auction records in detail:

  • In its first fine arts auction on June 21, 2013, Auctionata broke the previously existing record for the online sale of a work of fine art with its auction of Egon Schiele’s “Reclining Woman” for €1.8 million ($2.4 million, incl. buyer´s premium).
  • Earlier that month, on June 7, 2013, a Patek Philippe Reference 2499 was sold for €470,000 ($621,000, incl. buyer´s premium) – also a world record as the highest winning bid in a watch auction conducted on the Internet.
  • Finally, with Vincent van Gogh’s reed pen and pencil drawing “The Plain of La Crau” (La Crau de Montmajour) from 1888, Auctionata became the first German art and auction house to successfully acquire a work by the great master and bring it to auction. The masterpiece was sold live by Auctionata for €396,160 ($541,260, incl. buyer´s premium) to a bidder from Israel on November 29, 2013.

Luxury watch auction only Patek Philippe – Total value of just under one million euro

  • Chrono24 and Auctionata place 50 luxury watches from renowned Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe up for auction on 13 December from 6pm CET
  • Online auction of further exclusive and high-quality wrist and pocket watches on Thursday, 12 December, from 6pm CET

Karlsruhe/Berlin, 12 December 2013 – Lovers of traditional watchmaking can get a little bit closer to the Patek Philippe myth on 13 December 2013: Chrono24 ( and online art and auction house Auctionata ( are working together to present rare and unusual models from the independent Swiss manufacturer for auction. 50 selected examples of high-quality time pieces are included in the “Chrono24: Only Patek Philippe – Swiss Luxury Watches” auction. These Swiss chronometers are now not only some of the most expensive watches on earth, but Patek Philippe also presented the world’s most complicated pocket watch, with a total of over 33 different complications, a few years ago. Auctionata will broadcast the online auction live from its Berlin TV studio on Friday, 13 December from 6pm CET. Participation in the live auction is possible online at any time. Interested parties can access the catalogue, available for download now, at

In addition to historical time pieces, the auction on 13 December will also see some modern examples coming under the hammer. All of them demonstrate worldwide changes to the art of watchmaking, such as the winding crown. This includes the first chronograph from Patek Philippe, dating from 1942, in a rare black-faced finish. The valuable pieces seeking new owners at the auction also include the Patek Philippe Cheval Noir Cloisonne from 2011. The estimated price for the elegant men’s wristwatch is 140,000 euro. Driven by a Calibre 315 S IRM QA LV automatic movement with 37 crystals, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar displays hours, minutes and seconds as well as a calendar, date, day of the week, month, phase of the moon and power reserve. The original brown watchstrap is made of alligator skin. The estimated price for this wristwatch is 28,000 euro. The starting price at the auction is 50% of the estimated price.

“Patek Philippe watches are venerable products of the highest level of watchmaking, full of innovations and with a design adapted to the corresponding time. We feel obliged to finally dedicate an entire auction to these rare pieces,” says Tim Stracke, co-CEO of Chrono24. Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata, is looking forward to the last auction of the year: “Patek Philippe is just the perfect conclusion for our successful year of luxury watch auctions.”

Watch Auction: Exclusively Tourbillons – for Two Million Euro and Auctionata have brought together 29 of the rarest tourbillon watches in the world

Karlsruhe/Berlin, 31 October 2013 – With an exquisite selection of watches with tourbillons, Chrono24 ( offers, together with online art and auction house Auctionata (, one of the most exciting auctions in the luxury watch industry. The online auction will take place on 8 November 2013 at 6 pm CET and is streamed live from Auctionata's TV studio in Berlin – anybody with a pc, tablet or mobile device and an internet connection can follow the auction and place bids without time delay from all over the world. The catalogue is available at The tourbillon is the most complicated manner of building a mechanical watch. The escapement is built into a rotating cage in order to eliminate the effects of gravity. The most exclusive of the valuable pieces include the Bi-Axial Tourbillon from Girard Perregaux, ref. 99810, built in 2010 in 18 karat red gold – estimated price 180,000 euro – and various watches from Breguet, the inventor of the tourbillon. From Glashütte, a complete set of five tourbillon watches from the PanoMatic series celebrating the 500th birthday of the city of Glashütte will be available in the auction. The estimated price of the limited to a run of 50 pieces PanoMatic is 150,000 euro, the starting prices are set at 50 percent of the estimated market values.

Also included are two IWC “Il Destriero Scafusia” watches from 1995, from Schaffhausen, with an estimated value of more than 100,000 euro per watch. The IWC, of which only 125 were produced, has a hand-wound tourbillon, a perpetual calendar showing the year and a chronograph with a split-second hand. This abundance of features makes this watch one of the most complicated of its type. “This is the world's first auction selling only tourbillons, which we were able to bring together for this very special event thanks to our network of dealers. Together with Auctionata, we are offering 29 lovely pieces to watch-lovers and investors – these watches have some of the most stable values in the history of watchmaking,” says Tim Stracke, co-CEO of Chrono24. This is the first time that the global marketplace for luxury watches, with an inventory of over 150,000 watches, is entering the auction business.

“From our point of view, a live auction via internet streaming is the only type of auction appropriate to Chrono24. This selected collection of tourbillons tops this fact off,” says Tim Stracke. Dr. Oliver Hoffmann, curator of the auction and director of the Watch Department at Auctionata, will comment the watches as an expert live in the TV Studio next to the auctioneer: “I want to use this first auction in cooperation with Chrono24 to bring the fascination with complex watches alive.” Alexander Zacke,

CEO of Auctionata is also looking forward to the exquisite pilot auction: “The event means a great start to upcoming Chrono24 watch auctions which will take place along various themes in the future.”

Be inside the studio – register at:
Experience the auction via live stream:
Get pictures of the tourbillon watches at:

Auctionata and Ruby Lane Collaborate to Host Live Online Auctions for Antiques and Vintage Collectibles in the US and Globally

  • Two companies bring antique and collectible sellers important new sales channel and the thrill of auction
  • Initial auction to be held on Dec 6, in time for holiday buying and featuring rare and exciting Americana pieces including Tiffany & Co. Silver and Enamel Circus Figurines, an Exquisite Mandolin-watch as a Pendant and Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass and Bronze Table Lamp

Berlin, New York, San Francisco – October 1, 2013 – Online fine art and auction house, Auctionata, and well regarded antiques, vintage, and jewelry e-marketplace Ruby Lane, are collaborating to expand their arts and antiques buying and selling opportunities to online auctions for audiences worldwide. On December 6th, and in time for holiday buying, the two companies will host their first auction “100 Antiques & Vintage Pieces” in a planned series of regular online auctions. For sellers, Auctionata and Ruby Lane bring a new sales and distribution channel. For buyers, the two companies bring the thrill of the live auction into the home or office and offer a wide selection of significant objects.

Auctionata is the inventor of and first patented producer of live, online auctions and covers the entire spectrum of an art and auction house: from expert curation of fine art, antiques and collectibles, to its unique, HDTV-production quality live online auctions. While Ruby Lane, having just celebrated its 15th year anniversary, brings a community of 2,500 trusted sellers representing over 510,000 antique, vintage, and jewelry items, and 1.5 million unique visitors each month.

On December 6, 2013 Auctionata and Ruby Lane will collaborate to host a large online auction selling antique and vintage objects to an international audience. The auction will be the first in a regular series of auctions where both sellers and buyers can come together in an online, live-streaming setting. Along with auctioneer, Fabian Markus, will be renowned and endeared art historian and appraiser Victor Wiener who served as the executive director of the Appraisers Association of America for 21 years, and is an avid collector of antiques and collectibles himself. Three notable, Americana objects that will be sold at auction include Tiffany & Co. Silver and Enamel Circus Figurines, an Exquisite Mandolin-watch as a Pendant and Tiffany Studios Favrile Glass and Bronze Table Lamp.

“We’re creating a whole new entertainment and distribution channel with Ruby Lane. With our pioneering online auctions and Ruby Lane’s thriving online marketplace we will now offer bidders anywhere in the world quick, easy and secure access to the objects they desire,” said Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Auctionata to offer our sellers and buyers another avenue into the online antique, vintage, and jewelry marketplace,” says Tom Johnson, Founder and CEO of

Auctionata has 250 internationally renowned specialists (who appraise and curate all objects for sale), the largest independent network of experts worldwide. With its full service, Auctionata reaches millions of private sellers, collectors and dealers who find it difficult to sell in regional and highly fragmented, brick and mortar auction houses. Auctionata conducts weekly, global auctions with pieces ranging in value from hundreds to millions. In fact, the company recently broke an online auction world record selling Egon Schiele’s Reclining Woman live for US$2.4M (the previous chart topper was one of Andy Warhol’s “Flowers” series auctioned online for US$1.3M on artnet in July 2011).

Ruby Lane’s approach has always been to stay deeply committed to the antiques and vintage communities while integrating real world transactions of antiques and vintage collectibles into the Internet's expanding global marketplace. Ruby Lane has built its reputation on its vetted sellers and outstanding customer service. Earlier this year, Ruby Lane received an award as the #1 site in Customer Service and Seller Communication according to, an independent trade publication for online merchants, with the release of its 2013 Seller’s Choice Marketplace Ratings.

Auctionata expands its service spectrum: A cooperative alliance with Bankhaus Dr. Masel enables pre-financing of anticipated sales revenue for consignors

Berlin, 15. August 2013 – The Berlin-based online art and auction house Auctionata expands its customer service: Effective immediately, consignors of high-quality objects have the chance to receive advances on the expected revenue from individual objects or entire collections. The offer applies to objects from the fields of painting, drawing, watches, jewellery, Asian art and sculpture. This is made possible through Auctionata’s cooperative alliance with the tradition-rich Bankhaus Dr. Masel, a bank founded in 1928 and also based in Berlin, which offers consignors the opportunity to conclude a relevant advance payment agreement.

The pre-financing of the expected sales revenue is secured by the consigned merchandise itself, which is checked for authenticity and expertly appraised prior to conclusion of the agreement by at least one independent expert.

Götz Gollan, Chairman of Bankhaus Dr. Masel AG: “The cooperation with Auctionata shows that traditional private banking values and innovation are not mutually exclusive. Our joint offer distinguishes us and opens up additional possibilities for Auctionata’s customers. We are very pleased about working together.”

Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata: “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this service, which goes beyond the usual spectrum in the art and auction sector. With the prestigious private banking house Dr. Masel, we have found a partner who has nearly 100 years of experience in consumer banking and will be an excellent and discreet point of contact for our customers. We hope to soon be able to expand this service to an even wider range of objects.”

Auctionata breaks online record: Egon Schiele’s Reclining Woman auctioned live for €1.8 million (US$2.4 million)

  • In its ninth live auction – “Paintings, Paper Works and Sculptures” – the online art and auction house has broken the previously existing record for a work of fine art sold at an online auction
  • Other auction highlights: Carl Moll’s Villa in Vienna sold for €297,120 (US$393,255) and Gottfried Helnwein’s Untitled (Blue Madonna) sold for €68,090 (US$90,121, each incl. buyer’s premium)

Berlin, 24 June 2013 – Auctionata, the Berlin-based Internet art and auction house, has achieved a record-breaking result in its online auction “Paintings, Paper Works and Sculptures”, its very first auction devoted solely to fine arts. The highlight of the auction, Egon Schiele’s watercolour Reclining Woman from 1916, was sold for €1.827 million (US$2.418 million incl. buyer’s premium) at exactly 8:35 pm. Never has a work of fine art been auctioned for more on the Internet. The Reclining Woman has thus outdone the previous chart topper, a painting from Andy Warhol’s “Flowers” series that had been auctioned online for US$1.3 million (then €910,000) on artnet in July 2011.

Additional high points in the unprecedented auction of 100 lots were provided by Carl Moll’s Villa in Vienna and Gottfried Helnwein’s Untitled (Blue Madonna). The one-meter-square painting by the Viennese Secessionist Moll had a starting price €34,000 (US$45,000) and was sold for €297,120 (US$393,255 incl. buyer’s premium) after a long period of intense bidding. Gottfried Helnwein’s Untitled (Blue Madonna) from 1998, which had started at €24,000 (US$31,765), was sold for €68,090 (US$90,121, incl. buyer’s premium). 792 participants from 46 countries brought the auction hall onto their laptops and their mobile devices, followed internationally renowned expert Victor Wiener’s fascinating and knowledgeable commentary on the works, and bore witness to the sale of the majority of the lots (68 of 100) under the direction of auctioneer Fabian Markus.

Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata: “We are absolutely delighted about this record and the successful auction. It speaks volumes that the previous online record for fine arts has remained unbroken for almost exactly two years, as does the fact that we at Auctionata have broken that record from a standing start with our first auction devoted solely to fine arts. Not only does our type of auction on the Internet represent the technological avant-garde – but it also fills the enormous gap that the key players have thus far been unable to close: transferring classic auctions onto the Internet in a way that enables everyone to experience the objects and the auctioneer as well as the bidding behaviour of other participants, all in real time.”

World record at Auctionata: Patek Philippe Reference 2499 for €470,000 is the most expensive watch ever auctioned online

Berlin, 10 June 2013 – On June 7th at 7:29pm CET, auctioneer Fabian Markus brought down his hammer to seal the deal on a new world record: In the watch auction, which was transmitted in real time over the Internet, the rare Patek Philippe Reference 2499 with a starting price of US$238,000 (€180,000) changed ownership for US$621,000 (€470,000). Never before has a watch auction held on the Internet yielded a higher hammer price.

With this its first auction under the rubric “Luxury Watches, Pocket Watches, Wrist Watches,” the Berlin-based online art and auction house achieved total sales of US$1.2 million (€890,000). Over 1,000 participants from 65 countries followed the live auction on the Internet, and 86 percent of the 100 lots were sold to watch lovers from around the world.

Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata: “This result shows that the market is ready for a new kind of auction. We are developing the auction of the future, which makes it easier for enthusiasts of valuable and rare objects to buy and sell them, no matter where in world they are, without having to forgo top-notch expertise and certainty. Watch enthusiasts from around the world can also count on this service starting this fall in our weekly Chrono24 watch auctions.

Timepiece auctions online: Chrono24 and Auctionata form alliance

  • Online live auctioneer joins forces with the world’s leading marketplace for luxury watches and collectible timepieces
  • 52 “Chrono24 Auctions”, each featuring up to 100 rare luxury chronometers

Karlsruhe/Berlin, May 22, 2013 – The auction market for luxury timepieces is headed for an exciting fall season: The Chrono24 online marketplace ( teams up with the Berlin-based online auction house Auctionata ( to offer rare collectibles from some of Switzerland’s and Germany’s most famous watchmakers. The first of the new “Chrono24 Auctions”, to be held in autumn 2013, will showcase rare watches with tourbillon movement. This will be followed by a further 50 themed auctions – once a month at first, and eventually weekly. Each auction will have its own theme, such as chronographs, minute repeaters or military watches. Thetwo cooperation partners break open the luxury end of the market claimed by the big auction housesby transferring the auction room onto the internet via web-streaming. Watch collectors are sure tobe impressed by the huge supply of rare pieces on offer, as well as by the worldwide accessibility ofthe auctions. The series of sequentially numbered specialty auctions by Chrono24 will constitute aseparate category within Auctionata’s palette of auctions.

These groundbreaking live auctions are to be broadcasted from Auctionata’s own TV studio in Berlin. Seasoned auctioneer Fabian Markus will oversee the online bidding. Lending support and expertise will be the head of Auctionata’s watch department, Dr. Oliver Hoffmann, who also serves as Chairman of the Wristwatch Section at the German Society for Chronometry (DGC). Before being offered for sale, all timepieces will undergo a thorough inspection. Alexander Zacke, Auctionata’s CEO: “We don’t need pretentious showrooms, thick catalogs or extravagant events to do what we do: offer collectors worldwide the chance to acquire exclusive watches backed by a guarantee of authenticity. Locating and acquiring rare watches will now be easier than ever, without having to sacrifice safety.” During the auction, experts will be on hand to answer bidders’ questions in real time. Tim Stracke, co-CEO of Chrono24, agrees: “This cooperation will allow us to shake up the old model of the luxury auction market; we can now offer bidders anywhere in the world quick, easy and secure access to some of the finest and rarest timepieces available anywhere.”

Timepieces have become significantly more popular as investments in recent years – a trend confirmed by Dr. Oliver Hoffmann, Director of the Watch Department at Auctionata: “The cooperation between Chrono24 and Auctionata combines the best of both worlds. With Chrono24’s support, I look forward to holding timepiece auctions with completely novel themes, ones that will make investing in watches in all price categories easy and reliable.” The leading auction houses generate some 300 million EUR in annual turnover, according to an estimate by Chrono24’s CEO Tim Stracke. This is about the same volume currently transacted by Chrono24. Based on an in-house survey, the users of Chrono24’s specialized platform spend over 10 billion EUR annually for luxury watches, thus accounting for a third of the global market volume for new and used luxury timepieces. The watches listed on Chrono24 already represent a total value of over one billion USD. But also for those watches yet to find their way onto the market – e.g. premium-brand watches stashed away in personal safes – the cooperation between Auctionata and Chrono24 is sure to provide an ideal global auction room.

About Chrono24

Chrono24 ( is the world’s most popular market platform for high -end luxury timepieces, featuring more than 150,000 offered items from 70 countries. More than 1,000 commercial dealers, plus several thousand private sellers, offer luxury timepieces of all famous brands as well as rare objects from all historical epochs. Together with the Auctionata auction portal, Chrono24 will be launching the “Chrono24 Auctions,” which will offer some of the most exquisite creations of master watchmakers for online bidding. Already, the Chrono24 website boasts more than four million website visits per month. The palette on offerranges from used vintage watches and NOS models (New Old Stock) to new watches and never -worninvestment watches. A premium is placed on safety, in that dealers are carefully vetted before being allowed totrade on the platform. Watch buyers can also draw on a number of support services (e.g. a personal buyingagent) throughout all phases of the acquisition process.

Auctionata Raises $20M For Global Expansion of Online Live Auctions – Art, Antiques & Collectibles

  • Earlybird Venture Capital joins Bright Capital and Kite Ventures in latest funding round
  • Egon Schiele’s watercolor Reclining Woman will be auctioned online with a starting price of $1.5M (€1M) on 21 June 2013

Berlin/New York – 2 April 2013 – Online fine art and auction house, Auctionata, raises $20.2M (€15.5M) for global expansion, recruiting and technology platform growth. One year after its founding the Berlin-based Startup adds the venture capital firm Earlybird to its prestigious team of investors including Bright Capital and Kite Ventures (in December 2012) as well as HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, ­­­­­­eVenture Capital Partners and the ­­­­­­Raffay Group.

As the first patented online producer of live auctions, Auctionata covers the entire spectrum of an auction house; from expert curation to its unique, HDTV-production quality, fine art online auction events. Auctionata’s vision is to open the international art, antiques and collectibles markets to consumers, making it accessible to everybody through the Internet.

For the buyer, Auctionata brings the auction thrill into the living room and offers a wide selection of significant objects in an online shop. Auctionata exclusively offers a 25 years guarantee of authenticity on all sold objects. For the seller, Auctionata offers a proven, trusted and highly-produced online selling experience. The company has approx. 250 internationally renowned specialists (who appraise and curate all objects for sale), the largest network of experts worldwide. With its full service, Auctionata reaches millions of private sellers, collectors and dealers, who find it difficult to sell in regional and highly fragmented, old-style auction houses.

Dr. Christian Nagel, co-founder and partner of Earlybird states “We look for companies with the potential to be global market leaders. Auctionata sells objects that attract interest worldwide – up to and including the level of Egon Schiele. No other online vendor serves this market segment. Auctionata’s business model was developed by two founding figures with decades of experience in both the art market and online business.”

On 21 June 2013 Auctionata will be the first German online fine art and auction house to sell an original watercolor by Egon Schiele (his famedReclining Woman) in an online live auction from its own TV studio, with a starting price of $1.5M (€1M).

“Unlike traditional auction houses, where the excitement naturally falls off after each auction, the combination of online auctions and online shop generates a high experience factor for potential buyers and sellers alike,” said Alexander Zacke, CEO of Auctionata. “We are very pleased that our team of investors now includes another highly experienced global player like Earlybird bringing expertise in ecommerce and technology platforms.”

About Earlybird Venture Capital

Established in 1997 Earlybird currently manages over $700M in assets. We’ve backed more than 80 companies, of which many have sparked some of the most significant innovations in business and technology and resulted in large scale ($1bn+) IPOs and trade sales. Earlybird backs European companies with global ambitions and our active portfolio currently includes more than 20 companies across the consumer internet and enterprise services space such as B2X Care Solutions,, Madvertise, Peak Games, 6Wunderkinder and Socialbakers.

Starting price 1 million euros: Auctionata experts discover Schiele´s forgotten watercolour

  • Jane Kallir, author of the complete catalogue of Schiele’s works: “One of the most spectacular finds of the decade”
  • Online auction on June 21, 2013

Berlin, February 28, 2013. After half a century Egon Schiele’s 1916 masterpiece Reclining Woman has been discovered in a private estate. While searching through an old library, experts from the online auction house Auctionata stumbled upon a portfolio of prints from 1917. They found the original watercolour Reclining Woman between the prints and presented it to Jane Kallir, author of the catalogue raisonné Egon Schiele. The Complete Works, for authentication. She confirmed its authenticity after thorough examination. For the first time in history, a German full service auction house has managed to obtain one of Egon Schiele’s most important works for an online auction.

Auctionata will offer this work in a live auction on 21 June 2013, with a starting price of one million euros. Anyone interested in bidding or watching can register for the auction on Auctionata’s website:

In the past, comparable watercolours by Schiele have sold at international auctions for up to $10 million (€7.5 million). Recently, the Schiele drawing Lovers set a new auction record for works on paper by the artist with an auction price of $12.4 million (€9.2 million).

“The painting along with the portfolio nearly ended up in the paper bin while we were looking through my father’s belongings. It lay hidden in the portfolio for generations, with no one aware of its existence and true value except for my father. Finding a professional, experienced advisor to handle my father’s estate, consisting of diverse works of art, turned out to be difficult. After an extensive search, I finally came across Auctionata and its large online expert network. Within two hours after sending my valuation request, an expert called me back and we set up a meeting for a free valuation”, said the consignor, delighted by the discovery of the drawing.

Jane Kallir, Co-Director of the Galerie St. Etienne in New York and author of the complete catalogue of Schiele’s works: “This sheet can certainly be considered one of the most spectacular Schiele watercolours to come up for sale in recent years. Because it was stored so long in a light-protected portfolio, the work exhibits luminous colours and an excellent state of preservation.”

Victor Wiener, curator of the auction and former director at Christie’s auction house: “This is the first time an auction house operating solely online has managed to discover a work of fine art of this importance. And it is the first time a watercolour of this importance will be sold exclusively in an internet auction. Auctionata’s advanced technology with state of the art digital imagery creates anonline environment in which the company’s worldwide expert network can respond accurately andwith amazing speed to consignor´s requests. While the art market has been slow to embrace thisnew technology, Auctionata has invested considerable time, funding and expertise to makediscoveries such as this Schiele watercolour possible.”

About the work of art:

  • Reclining Woman, gouache, watercolour and pencil on paper, 48 x 31.6 cm (18.8 x 12.4 in), is one of the rare works from 1916, a year in which Schiele produced only few artworks due to his service in the Austrian army.

About Egon Schiele:

  • Born June 12, 1890 in Tulln an der Donau; died October 31, 1918 in Vienna.
  • Austrian Expressionist painter; one of the most important artists of the Viennese Modern Age alongside Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka.

About Jane Kallir:

  • Internationally recognised Schiele expert and author of the complete catalogue of Schiele’s works.
  • Granddaughter of Austrian art historian, art dealer and publisher Otto Kallir (1894-1978).
  • Co-director of the Galerie St. Etienne in New York since 1978. Founded in 1939, St. Etienne is the oldest gallery in the US specializing in Austrian and German Expressionism. This gallery was created as the successor to Otto Kallir’s Neue Galerie, founded in 1923. The Neue Galerie was the most important gallery of German and Austrian Modernism in the interwar period. Its opening exhibition was the first posthumous Egon Schiele retrospective.

About the international art market:

With an estimated $64 billion (€48.2 billion; Source: Tefaf study, 2012) the art market is one of the largest, but also least transparent, world markets. Sharply fragmented and primarily locally run, the worldwide art market is dominated by London and New York, with 97 of the 100 highest winning auction bids attained in these two cities (Source:

Auctionata will receive the DIGITAL STAR 2012, with an invitation to the World Economic Forum in Davos

Berlin / Munich, January 7, 2012 – At DLD 2013, the most important European technology conference, the online art and auction house Auctionata will receive the Digital Star Award in the “Perspective” category. The award will be presented by Dr. Hubert Burda during a gala on January 20 in the Jewish Community Center in Munich. Guests of honour will include Zaha Hadid, Peter Thiel, Guy Oseary, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Ben Horowitz and José Ramos-Horta.

Founder and CEO Alexander Zacke gratefully acknowledges the award on behalf of his 80-strong team. The Digital Star Award demonstrates that breaking the rules can pay off: “Auctionata does not need a long-established brand, print catalogue, exhibition space or auction room. Auctionata comes directly to its customers’ living rooms, tablet computers or mobile phones. Auctionata is e-commerce in its purest form.”

The FOCUS initiative “Digital Star – Innovations made in Germany” is awarded in 3 categories and is endowed with overall 150,000 Euro. The award shows and promotes the innovative strength of the German digital scene and is intended to strengthen the global “game changers” of the future. The already legendary Taxi app myTaxi will receive the award in the “Innovation” category. The internationally renowned data analyst Blue Yonder will receive the award in the “B2B” category.

Nominees included persons as well as ideas and business models. Auctionata best met the criteria of the 24-strong expert panel (including Xing founder Lars Hinrichs) headed by FOCUS editor Dr. Holger Schmidt. It is not yet a year old and already successful, generates jobs and stands a good chance of establishing itself internationally. Auctionata will be presented at the DLD conference on January 20 and at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on January 23. In addition, the young Berlin company will receive the FOCUS media endowment of 50,000 Euro.

Auctionata caused a stir with the first interactive art auction worldwide in the history of the internet. On December 7, 2012, several thousand users followed the first ever live HD-quality broadcast of an interactive auction with official authorisation. 132 bidders from 12 countries and 4 continents purchased 58 objects, resulting in total revenue of 345,000 Euros. Already in September 2012, the Berlin-based company launched its online shop with over 4,000 items by now; by March the number of items offered will increase to over 10,000. The 25-year Auctionata authenticity guarantee applies to all items.

About DLD
The DLD conference is the most important industry event in the European digital scene. Established in 2005 by Steffi Czerny und Marcel Reichart, both working for the Hubert Burda Media group, the event takes place every year in January. In 2012 there were 150 speakers and 800 invited guests.
Persons without invitations apply on the website of the event. The venue in Munich is the landmarked bank building on Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße. Previous guests include Mark Zuckerberg, Ai Weiwei, Paulo Coelho, Luc Besson and Jimmy Wales, among others.

Auctionata: Auction success enables further capital increase

Funds from new investors Kite Ventures and Bright Capital take total capital to €13.2m

Berlin, 18 December 2012 – Following the success of the first auction on 7 December (total sales €350,000) the investors behind Auctionata AG agreed a further increase in capital with the decision falling in the night from 7 to 8 December 2012. With that, the German investors HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, and the Raffay Group, together with the international investment funds Kite
Ventures (New York) and Bright Capital (Moscow) brought the total capital available to the company, started in Berlin in February 2012, to €13.2 million (US$17.5 m). This confirms the rumors which have already been circulating in various media.

This round of financing, unusual for the German market and for the early stage of the company, came against the backdrop of some dramatic moves in the online art market. Most recently, the market had reached a new peak with the dramatic takeover battle for the online art platform Artnet, as well as a 100 million dollar financing round for the US art market place 1stdibs. The list of investors who have entered the online art market in recent times reads like a who’s who of the international finance world.
The market, in which until now only 5% of business has been conducted online, totals US$ 300 billion and is surely one of the most promising today.

Founder and CEO, Alexander Zacke: “We are delighted at the belief that our investors have placed in Auctionata. We are now in a position to realize our ambitious growth targets not only in terms of the online shop. From April 2013, we will be regularly broadcasting live auctions from our own television studio in the heart of Berlin to the entire world.”

“Through the trust of its international investors, Auctionata has taken a great step towards its goal of presenting high quality art, antiques and collectors’ items to a global online audience at reasonable prices.” concluded Dr. Jochen Gutbrod, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Auctionata, Chairman of the Willi Baumeister Foundation and long-serving Vice-Chairman of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group.
The new valuation of the company performed in the course of the capital increase is primarily of benefit to the employees of Auctionata who share in the success of the company through their stock options. Auctionata AG is one of the few companies in Germany which provide all employees with the possibility of acquiring shares through a transparent Employee Stock Option Program.

Bids from Everywhere: First Worldwide Online-Art Auction in the History of the Internet

Berlin, November 19, 2012 – On Friday, December 7, 2012 at 18:00 (CET) the first worldwide online artauction in the history of the internet will begin. The organizer is the online art and auction house, Auctionata. The Berlin firm has developed a patented technology that combines a live commentary in TV quality with the interactive possibilities of the Internet. It will be broadcast from a Berlin television studio – although only for Internet users. Worldwide, art lovers can follow the auction comfortably via live stream and participate in the bidding. Each bid will be indicated without delay and reliably synchronized as legally required. This level of real-time interaction has never before been provided.
The live-auction will be carried out according to traditional principles by Fabian Markus. Literally from a couch at home, anyone can contact the experienced auctioneer to ask him questions about the auction or about the objects on offer, and he will reply immediately.

One hundred significant objects of value will come under the hammer. After examination by professionals of the 250-member worldwide online network of experts, every object in the auction was curated by Victor Wiener. Among other distinctions, the world-renowned art expert served as executive director of the Appraisers Association of America for over 21 years. From an enchanting pair of Meissen sconces supported by Chinese lads, and an unusual Patek Philippe table-clock from 1974, to valuable Asian treasures, including Chinese red lacquer chairs from the Quing Dynasty – all items will be offered at very favorable starting bids. The highpoint of the sequence of rarities is a long lost painting believed to be by, and attributed to Oskar Kokoschka, Rosen II, a work of art with an incredible history. All items sold or auctioned by Auctionata carry a 25-year guarantee of authenticity, offered by the firm. Anyone not wishing to bid live can submit a written bid beforehand, or bid by telephone. A complete catalog of the auction may be found in the PDF attached.

Founder and CEO Alexander Zacke said: “Art is the only luxury item that one can use without its losing value. For the first time everyone can bid on authenticated and valuable artworks and collectors’ items comfortably on the Internet, or simply follow the auction live.”

Significant Increase in “Karat-Weight” for Auctionata’s Advisory Board

Dr. Florian Heinemann, Managing Director of Project A Ventures GmbH & Co. KG will guide the online Art- and Auction-House in its efforts to prevail in the art market over the Internet.

Berlin, 21 Sept. 2012. The addition of Dr. Florian Heinemann as a member has significantly increased the “karat-weight” of the Advisory Board of the start-up, Auctionata. The Managing Director of Project A Ventures GmbH & Co. KG is one of the masterminds of the German online marketing sector, and since April 2012 has been responsible for the marketing, CRM and business intelligence of the IT company. In his prior positions he fulfilled similar functions at Rocket Internet firms such as eDarling and Zalando, in establishing their successful market positions.

“I am enthusiastic,” said Dr. Heinemann, “about projects that effect a significant improvement in inefficiencies in global markets, thereby leading to the successful opening-up of these markets. Auctionata’s extremely exciting business model builds on the original idea of an authentic “trading post” – the best idea, in fact, if one can successfully bring it to fruition. I find the idea of opening up a large and impenetrable market such as the international art market to be splendid in its concept and a challenge that promises great success. The fact that the ‘products’ being traded are art and collectors’ items of great value is, for me, a broadening of my professional horizon.”

Alexander Zacke, founder and CEO of Auctionata, said: “If anyone knows the online-market, then it’s Florian Heinemann. It is a priceless advantage for Auctionata to have a sparring-partner of such broad professional expertise on our Advisory Board, particularly during the exciting and decisive growth-phase in which we are presently engaged. We are looking forward to our collaboration – and to the sparking of many exciting ideas - with great anticipation.”

The future of the online art market is called Auctionata

Online shop for art, antiques and collectibles launched – free of charge and non-binding appraisal by 200 experts – 25 years guarantee of authenticity on all sold items

Berlin: September 5, 2012. Is it possible to buy and sell art and collectibles on the Internet without taking a risk? Yes it is - with Auctionata.

For the first time a start up offers the complete service of an art and auction house from appraisal, purchase and sale to live auctions on the Internet. Auctionata sets a milestone on the way of conquering the Internet art market, which other companies have tried to reach so far. What’s the recipe? It is the largest expert network worldwide in combination with a unique sales model developed by CEO Alexander Zacke himself.

Offering owners of art, antiques and collectibles a comprehensive service, Auctionata applies all common sales channels of the art market. For a first estimation of an object a good-quality photograph is needed only. The prospect seller receives an appraisal report and an estimation of the items’ value. If the owner agrees to sell the item it will be published in the online shop. On every sold item Auctionata issues a 25-year guarantee of authenticity. After sales Auctionata handles delivery and purchase procedures – worldwide.

This model convinced investors such as ecommerce giant Otto and Holtzbrink Ventures, but also a growing number of renowned experts from 30 different countries advising interested clients on

Auctionata’s new online shop was launched one week ago. The first live auction featuring more than 100 intriguing and partially highly significant pieces is scheduled for December 7 this year. Alexander Zacke: “The shop’s turnover has tripled in August. This result encourages us to set higher goals: until pre-christmas sales, we plan on increasing the number of items to 10,000.”

Dr. Jochen Gutbrod Named Chairman of Advisory Board of Auctionata

The online art- and auction-house appoints a pioneer in Internet-commerce as chairman of its Advisory Board

Berlin/Vienna, 8/6/12. Since July 30, 2012, Dr. Jochen Gutbrod has been chairman of the Advisory Board of Auctionata. “I am very impressed by Auctionata’s founding-team around Alexander Zacke.
With a completely new business model, these art-market experts have opened a heterogeneous, predominantly local market to a worldwide public over the Internet. I am pleased to support the ongoing development of one of the most promising, newly founded enterprises of the last several years here in Berlin,” stated Dr. Gutbrod.

Stemming from a family of artists and art historians, Gutbrod knows whereof he speaks. Previously the director of finance and deputy chair of the publishing group Georg von Holtzbrinck, he is an economics scholar and holds a degree in art museum management. Since 2004, with participation by Zalando, for example, he has been developing Holtzbrinck Digital into one of the leading German Internet ventures. Since May 2010, Gutbrod, the Managing Director of the Willi Baumeister Foundation, has led the Raffay Enterprises Group, which is (among others) the primary partner of RI Digital Ventures, a holding company for Internet enterprises and digital media.

Alexander Zacke, the CEO of Auctionata said: “With Dr. Jochen Gutbrod we were able to acquire a specialist in finance; an expert with many years of experience in the development of internet businesses, as well as a profound connoisseur of the art market as the chairman of our Advisory
Board – an ideal complement to the expertise of our firm and a stroke of good luck for Auctionata.”