Curriculum Vitae


  • manager of the antiquarian shop “ Antiquitäten Fasan” in Vienna
  • passionate collector for more than 20 years
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We would like to introduce you to Oliver Schützlhofer, Auctionata expert in Pens.

Oliver Schützlhofer's fascination for old writing utensils started at the age of 12 when he found three colourful Pelikan fountain pens in his great-aunt's drawers. From then on, the expert kept looking for unusual pens and other writing utensils. The flee markets of Vienna became his El Dorado for fountain pens. He later studied art history, medicine and numismatics at the University of Vienna. Shortly before his graduation, however, he decided to dedicate himself to his passion for old and beautiful things.

For more than 20 years, the expert's passion for collecting took him to art and antique fairs as well as swap meets for old goods around the world – from New York to Amsterdam and all the way to China.

Oliver Schützlhofer now manages the antiquarian shop “Antiquitäten Fasan” [Pheasant Antiques] in Vienna for over 13 years. He is in contact with different writing utensils everyday and thus expands his knowledge continually.

The expert is a passionate collector since his youth and owns one of the largest private collections in Austria with more than 2,500 writing utensils. His favourite possession is a little 00-sized, blue enamelled Montblanc safety pen.

Oliver Schützlhofer lives and works in Vienna.