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  • Fine Art Prints
  • Asian Art and Antiques
  • Fossils

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Greg Brown
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Appraised works of art from most Asian countries
  • Broad expertise extend into ship/aircraft wreck memorabilia, Egyptian artifacts and militaria
  • USPAP compliant appraiser
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We would like to introduce you to Greg Brown, Auctionata expert in Fine Art Prints, Asian Art and Antiques as well as Fossils.

Greg Brown entered the Asian art and antiques business more than ten years ago, first as an importer. He opened his first gallery in 2001 in Edina, Minnesota, and became a certified appraiser in 2005. He has traveled throughout Asia and has appraised works of art from almost every Asian country.

Asian Art and Antiques, Fine Art Prints and Fossils are his principal areas of expertise, supported by his education and professional experience. However, his knowledge is broad and extends to other specialties such as airplane and shipwreck artifacts and memorabilia, Egyptian dynastic artifacts and Egyptian revival items, expedition artifacts and memorabilia, and Militaria. 

He has published works associated with his Ph.D work on the relationships between Mongol-Siberian Shamanism and Native American Shamanism. 

He likes challenges and regularly takes on difficult items other appraisers pass over. The obscure information he’s able to access both through research and his global contacts can bring to light evidence which can “crack the case”.

Mr. Brown has two favorite finds. The first is a scrimshawed powder horn from the American Revolutionary War's Wagon Master General. He proved it to be authentic and that it was in the battle of Lexington and Concord, making it a U.S. national treasure. The second is a six-panel Japanese screen which was composed by six different artists, four of whom were very famous and important to Japanese art history, including one who was named as an artist to the Imperial Household.

Greg Brown lives and works in Minnesota.