Curriculum Vitae


  • Founded the Professional Appraiser Consultancy in Würzburg, operating for courts, museums, private customers and insurance companies
  • Member of the German Federal Association of Chartered & Sworn Appraisers
  • Degree and Dissertation on the Technique of Painting of the 20th CT
  • Publicly appointed and sworn expert for the damage assessment of paintings and sculptures
  • University lecturer
  • Numerous lectures, readings, and publications on the subject of Art Appraising, Art Technology and Appraiser Affairs
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Auctionata Expert | Semmlerstraße 64
97070 Würzburg

We would like to introduce you to Dr. Martin Pracher, Auctionata expert in Paintings and Works on Paper 20th C.

Dr. Martin Pracher grew up in a family of art conservators and was surrounded by art from a very early age on. This influenced him greatly and encouraged him to pursue a career in the art world. After finishing his degree in restoration, art technology and conservation science at the Technical University of Munich and his work as a restorer for paintings and sculpture, the expert spent a longer period in East Asia and taught a course in conserving paintings and wooden objects at the University of Tainan in Taiwan. When dealing with the various art objects that crossed his path, the expert was additionally interested in finding objective criteria for the accumulation of the value of these objects.

For fifteen years, Dr. Martin Pracher has been working as an expert witness in judicial proceedings, for insurance companies and as an art appraiser for private customers. 
His main focus is on the appraisal of paintings and sculptures by artists from the 20th century. As a collector, he devotes himself to forgotten, little known but nevertheless fascinating German artists from the early 20th century. The expert presents his one-of-a-kind collection on the homepage Dr. Martin Pracher is a member of the German Federal Association of Chartered & Sworn Appraisers (Bundesverband der öffentlich bestellten und vereidigten Kunstsachverständigen sowie qualifizierten Kunstsachverständigen e.V.), the Association of German Conservators (VDR), the International Institute for Conservation and the International Council of Monuments and Sites. 

Based on his enormous amount of experience, Dr. Martin Pracher regularly gives lectures in front of an international audience and publishes numerous articles on the topic of Appraiser Affairs Art Technology and Art Appraising.

His favorite Painting in his own collection is “The blossom dance” by Moritz Melzer, from around 1912.

Dr. Martin Pracher lives and works in Würzburg.