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  • Former Dept Head at Artcurial in Paris
  • Former Dept Head at Cornette de Saint-Cyr in Paris
  • Curated shows in Paris, Dubai, Moscow, and Montreal
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We would like to introduce you to Pia Copper, Auctionata expert in Contemporary Chinese Art, Contemporary Iranian Art as well as Contemporary Art & Photography.

Pia Copper is an expert in contemporary Chinese, South Asian, and Iranian Art, working in these fields for the past fifteen years. She was formerly the head of the Chinese department at the French auction houses Artcurial and Cornette de Saint-Cyr. She also curated shows, mostly of Chinese contemporary art, in Paris, Dubai, Moscow, London and Montreal.

Ms. Copper’s passion for contemporary Asian art developed not long after her graduation with a degree in Chinese religion and literature. She became familiar with the blossoming Chinese avant-garde movement as Deng Xiaoping liberalized China. During the last fifteen years, she has broadened her knowledge base, travelled to art fairs and biennales and visited young artists’ studios.

In 2006, she realized the potential force of the Chinese art market, approaching a director at Artcurial Paris to send her to New York to witness what was happening at Sotheby’s. She was convinced the time to start a Chinese art auction department in Paris had come. The first auctions she organized at Artcurial were extremely successful. The Chinese art boom had begun. When the market leveled off, she continued working as an independent expert for various auction houses, sourcing and performing valuations. She subsequently expanded her activities to encompass other emerging markets - Iranian, Arab, Indian, Vietnamese, Mongol and even North Korean art - and developed auctions and exhibits around these themes. 

Ms. Copper is passionate about contemporary Chinese artists, especially the works of Liu Xiaodong, Li Shan and Zhang Xiaogang. Among her most cherished discoveries is a particularly rare Lin Fengmian painting found in private home.

Pia Copper lives and works in Paris.

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