Curriculum Vitae


  • Co-Founder and Director of Sarah Hornsby + Judith Nugée Ltd antiquities consultancy
  • Former Director and Antiquities Dept Head at Christie’s in London
  • 26 years experiences in the international ancient art and antiquities market
  • Achieved world record prices for a Roman statue of Venus and an Assyrian relief
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We would like to introduce you to Sarah Hornsby, Auctionata expert in Ancient Art and Antiquities.

Sarah Hornsby is a specialist and expert with a long established international reputation in the field of provenanced ancient art and antiquities, with a particular interest in Greek and Roman sculpture.

The expert has a strong academic background with a First Class Honours BA degree in Classics from King’s College, University of London, and she carried out post-graduate research at the British School of Archaeology in Athens and Newnham College, University of Cambridge.

For 21 years, Sarah was a specialist in the Antiquities Department at Christie’s in London where she was a Director and Head of Department. While working at Christie’s, Sarah Hornsby organised numerous high profile antiquities’ auctions, including the Desmond Morris collection of Cypriot antiquities (2001), the Axel Guttmann collection of ancient arms and armour (2002-2004) and the Leo Mildenberg collection of ancient animals (2004).

In addition to these high profile auctions the expert achieved world record prices for the 1st-2nd century AD Jenkins Roman marble Venus, which had remained in the same English stately home since 1765 and the 9th century BC Canford School Assyrian relief that had been excavated by Sir Henry Layard in the 1840s.

With her former colleague from Christie´s Judith Nugée she established the ancient art consultancy of Hornsby + Nugée Ltd., in 2009. The London based consultancy gives advice on all aspects of the commercial ancient art market to international clients, private collectors, museums and institutions.

Sarah Hornsby lives and works in London.