Curriculum Vitae


  • passionate collector of art and designs for over 15 years
  • more than eight years of experience in the trade with art and design
  • 2006 – 2013 owner and managing director of the Whiterouge gallery in Maastricht
  • runs his art and design business as an online based gallery since 2014
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We would like to introduce you to Ronald van Iersel, Auctionata expert in Art and Design 20th C.

A trained physician, Ronald van Iersel discovered his passion for art and design during his college years. When a friend took over a gallery in The Hague in the early 80ies, the expert began to focus on the art market himself and, at a later point, on the design market in particular. Although he started collecting fairly early, he would turn his passion into a career many years later.

After his training to become a general practitioner, Ronald van Iersel studied art history at the University of Amsterdam for one year but then decided to pursue a medical career first. But in spite of a long-year occupation as a physician, he always retained a passion for art and design.

An ardent collector, Ronald van Iersel continued to educate himself in the field of art and design of the 20th century. He regularly attended auctions, maintained relationships with other collectors of his area of expertise and carefully observed the art market. Thus, he not only disposes of a comprehensive network but also gained a keen sense for prices and price developments.

In 2006, he took the step from being a collector to becoming a dealer and exchanged his leading position in a group practice in Amsterdam for the art trade. In the same year, he established the Whiterouge gallery for exclusive vintage design objects and art of the 20th century in Maastricht and maintained the position of general manager until 2013. From this year on, he will continue to operate the gallery as an online based art and design trade.

Ronald van Iersel lives and works in Rotterdam.