Curriculum Vitae


  • Sworn in by the IHK Heilbronn-Franken as publicly appointed expert for coins dating after 1871
  • Author of the book “Litzmannstadt: A chapter in the history of German currency”
  • In his capacity as expert, conceived and co-authored the book „ Kohle, Kneten und Moneten“ (Cash, Dough and Bucks)
  • Published in various specialist journals
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Auctionata Expert | Im Mühlfeld 4
74564 Crailsheim

We would like to introduce you to Guy Franquinet, Auctionata expert in Numismatics.

After founding his first company in 1979, he founded a company in Austria and in Crailsheim (Germany) in 1983, where he also opened his coin trading house.

Guy Franquinet dealt with embossing technology, sampling, miss trikes and small coins right from the start. He focussed most of his attention on recognising forgeries. This led to the fact that in 1993 Franquinet was inaugurated by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce [IHK] Heilbronn–Franconia as a publicly appointed expert for coins from 1871.

At the beginning of the 90's he wrote the book "Litzmannstadt: Ein Kapitel deutscher Geldgeschichte" [Litzmannstadt: A chapter of German money history] together with three colleagues. In order to write the book, Guy Franquinet had to investigate completely new specialist areas, with a great deal of effort and background research. This included intensive collaboration with a metallurgist. Meanwhile Franquinet was also considered an expert in this field worldwide. The publication also involved regular lectures, amongst others at the Humboldt University Berlin. Guy Franquinet has given lectures throughout Germany on the money of the ghetto of Litzmannstadt and various lectures on recognising forgeries and the conservation of coins.

He was a member of the board of directors of the professional association of the German coin specialist trade for many years. The expert was a youth representative for the society of promotion of numismatics for a long time. He was furthermore the initiator and co-author of the book "Kohle, Kneten und Moneten" [Dosh, dough and cash]. He has been writing in various specialist magazines for a long time, and is involved in updating coin catalogues. His name does not stay hidden for long in this field.

Guy Franquinet is also committed in the social area. He founded a sports club and a charitable organisation, and till this day he has been president of both of them. Furthermore, he is the first chairman of a cultural association in his place of residence.

Guy Franquinet has three children and ten grandchildren, who do not miss out, despite his extremely full calendar.

Guy Franquinet lives and works in Crailsheim.