Curriculum Vitae


  • Worked at ""Benedictus Antiquários"" and ""Câmara dos Azuis"" in Lisbon
  • Specializes in Portuguese Empire Expansion Art
  • Specializes in Chinese export porcelain for the Portuguese market
  • Specializes in Portuguese silver,urniture, and old masters
  • Led workshops in heritage conservation and restoration
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We would like to introduce you to Miguel Botelho de Sousa, Auctionata expert in Portuguese Antique Furniture and Decorative Art.

Miguel Botelho de Sousa was born and raised in Lisbon, being surrounded by art and antiques in his family home. His interest in antiques, specifically Portuguese and Portuguese empire expansion art and antiques, already started in early life.

After completing his studies and military service, he began to focus on his passion, antiques. In 1987, he started working at “São Bento Antiquário”, one of the best antiques stores in Lisbon. He developed exciting projects, amongst them “Câmara dos Azuis Arte & Antiguidades” which combined high level antiques with a gallery, art consultation and an internet platform in a very innovative way.

Mr. de Sousa has worked as a consultant and has accomplished hundreds of valuations both for individuals and for institutions. Furthermore he has led workshops in the field of heritage conservation and restoration. 

His real passion is Portuguese arts from the 18th century and Portuguese empire expansion art (Indo-Portuguese, Cingalo-Portuguese and Namban art) from the 16th to 18th centuries, as well as Chinese export porcelain made for the Portuguese market.

Mr. de Sousa is driven by his excitement to come across a special piece that went unnoticed, whether it was hidden away in an attic or in plain sight, sitting on a fireplace mantel.

Miguel Botelho de Sousa lives and works in Lisbon.