Curriculum Vitae


  • Founder and manager of (since 1992)
  • Author of Swatch-Clopedia 2002/2003/2008
  • 21 years of professional experience as an expert for watches by Swatch
  • Professional photographer
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We would like to introduce you to Rob Versteeg, Auctionata expert in the category swatch watches.

In 1992, Rob Versteeg lost his heart to Swatch. It was the extraordinary design of a Gulp GK 139, created by the Italian illustrator, graphic designer and comic artist Massimo Giacon that aroused his lifelong fascination for the Swiss plastic watch.

The expert is a professional photographer. He successfully completed his training at the Apeldoorn School of Photography and subsequently pursued his passion for the Swiss watch brand Swatch. In 2002, Rob Versteeg issued Swatch-Clopedia for the first time. To this day, the catalogue is still a popular reference work for collectors. In 2003 and 2008, new editions were issued and more are planned.

By now, the trained photographer is the manager of, an enterprise specialised on Swatch and Flik Flak watches as well as Swatch Bijoux, representing a popular platform for anybody interested in Swatch.

Rob Versteeg has dealt with more than 100.000 Swatch watches in 21 years of professional experience. One of his favourite watches is the Diaphane One Turning Gold SVAZ100. Incidentally, this elegant version of Swatch is shining on his wrist.

Rob Versteeg lives and works in Rotterdam.