Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 40 years experience as a dealer
  • Collected over 10,000 vinyl records
  • Owner of first Beatles record still in original packaging
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We would like to introduce you to Lev Shetsen, Auctionata expert in Vinyl Records.

Lev Shetsen became an expert in vinyl when he started buying and selling vinyl records in 1964. He purchased his first collectible record, a Beatles record, of course, in Latvia, his home country.

In 1982, Mr Shetsen decided to immigrate to the United States and sold the collection he had amassed in Latvia. His extensive collection ranged from classical to Rock 'n' Roll music. Missing the collection he left behind, he began rebuilding it and now has over 10.000 vinyl records. Mr. Shetsen’s current collection covers many styles of music, from jazz, classical, ethnic, pop and opera, to classic rock. There really is no genre he does not collect.

One of the most cherished pieces in his collection is the first Beatles record, still sealed in its original packaging. To his knowledge, this is still the only sealed original Beatles record in existence in the world today. He also owns a very unique collection of Striker Lighters records.

Mr Shetsen deals with vinyl records, as he feels passionately that the sound quality of these cannot be matched.

Lev Shetsen lives and works in Newark.