Joe Ruba

Expert in

  • Vintage Radio and Radio Engineering (to 1970)
  • Vintage Plucked Instruments and Percussion
Joe Ruba
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Multi-instrumental musician and master craftsman
  • In-depth knowledge of analog music technology, amplifier technology and microphonics
  • Owner of „Vintage-Gold“company and junior partner at „Radio-Art“
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We would like to introduce you to Joe Ruba, Auctionata expert in Vintage Radio and Radio Engineering (to 1970) as well as Vintage Plucked Instruments and Percussion.

It could have been the electric guitar he received for his 13th birthday that set the ball rolling, but curiosity for analogue sound did the rest. Joe Ruba has been fascinated by the uniquely warm tone of tube amplifiers and the unparalleled sound of handcrafted plucked and percussion instruments since his youth.

In particular, the reason as to why old music recordings possess such soul only became apparent to him following a lengthy and thorough accumulation of knowledge on analogue music engineering.

As a multi-instrumental musician in extremely diverse projects, he soon noticed how important authentic sound was in terms of the respective style of music and the ear of the audience to be won over. Instruments, amplification techniques and microphonics are all bound together here.

With years of experience, an in-depth knowledge of tube radios and tape decks was the natural result. Driven as a master craftsman and musician by quality and tone, his knowledge of and interest in these delightful investments grew continuously.

Joe Ruba lives and nurtures his passion through his own firm, Vintage Gold, as well as being a junior partner at Radio Art.

Joe Ruba lives and works in Berlin.