Véronique Germanier

Expert in

  • Old and Modern Illustrated Manuscripts
  • Prints, Works on paper and Maps 15th-19th C.
  • Sculpture 6th – 16th C.
Véronique  Germanier
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Member of the Association for Swiss Art History (GSK)
  • Formerly lecturer for art history of the middle ages and Italian renaissance at the University of Geneva
  • Senior specialist for various Swiss auction houses since 2010
  • Freelance curator and advisor for museums, libraries as well as private and public collections
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Véronique Germanier, Auctionata expert in Old and Modern Illustrated Manuscripts, Wood Sculpture 5th – 16th C. as well as Prints, Works on paper and Maps 15th-19th C.

Art historian Véronique Germanier discovered her passion for Christian art and sculptures of the haute epoque early in her career, focusing her academic work on those subjects.

For several years, she worked as research assistant for renowned experts and professors in the fields of medieval book art and iconography as well as Italian renaissance paintings and sculptures, before she became a lecturer herself, teaching art history with the focus on medieval times and Renaissance at the University of Geneva for six years. Along the way, she received various research fellowships, for example at the notable Courtauld Institute of Art in London.

Dr. Véronique Germanier extended her fields of work as curator for different museums, amongst others the Musée d'art et d'histoire (museum of art and history), as well as private and public collections, for instance at the Martin Bodmer Foundation, in Geneva. Here, she focused mainly on antique and modern illustrated manuscripts.

Since 2010, the expert not only works as a senior specialist for various Swiss auction houses, but is also a freelance advisor and appraiser for private collections. Throughout her professional career, Dr. Véronique Germanier published more than 20 scientific works on medieval illustrated manuscripts of the 14th and 15th centuries or Renaissance paintings and drawings from the 15th century.

One of her most significant discoveries is a drawing from the Dutch artist Jacob de Gheyn which she made available to the public for the first time in a Swiss Collection. In 2007, she published the scientific work „Memento mori. Un dessin inédit de Jaques de Gheyn” (Memento mori. An unreleased drawing of Jacob de Gheyn) on this drawing.

Dr. Véronique Germanier lives and works in Geneva.