Curriculum Vitae


  • graduated in classical archaeology and art history
  • more than 15 years of experience in art trading
  • managed the gallery Babylon Concept
  • displays at antique and collector's fairs
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We would like to introduce you to Kim Menzel, Auctionata expert in Asian Art, Curiosities and European Decorative Arts 19.-20. century.

Being the son of a German father and a Chinese mother, Kim Menzel grew up surrounded by a collection of Asian antiques and therefore inherited the affinity to Asia and its treasures. He was introduced to antiques in his early years and entered the world of museums, antique trades, auction houses and collectors during his studies. After graduating in classical archaeology and art history followed by a degree in business economics in Hamburg, the expert worked in Southeast Asia where he came to realize that his passion for art and antiques would determine the further course of his life.

The expert returned to Hamburg with a container full of Chinese antique furniture. With a business partner, he established the gallery Babylon Concept for contemporary Northern German art and Chinese antique interior furnishings. He has been self-employed in the art and antique trade ever since and has closely cooperated with collectors and traders.

His passion to research and solve the mystery of an object lets him start at the point where others have already given up.

His versatile interests range from early excavated objects to modern designs. A longstanding market experience and market presence trained his eye for realistic market assessments of interesting and high-value objects. The expert displays objects at the Dortmund fair several times a year and is thus constantly expanding his market knowledge and expertise.

The experts' own collection comprises varied items, each telling their different story. His most treasured possessions include a foot fragment of an Ancient Egyptian statue made of black basalt around 1000 BC and an African wooden mask of the Dan people.

Kim Menzel lives and works in Hamburg.