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  • Meissen & KPM Porcelain 19th - 20th C.

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Maria Sabat
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Curriculum Vitae

We would like to introduce you to Maria Sabat, Auctionata expert in Meissen & KPM porcelain 19th - 20th century.

Maria Sabat has worked in the renowned Berlin antiques trade for over 25 years and has acquired an exceptional eye for the quality of porcelain objects. Whether the item is a small cup, an animal sculpture or a monumental vase, even the slightest trace of restoration won’t escape her notice. Her unerring sense for quality gives her accuracy in her appraisals of items.

Her favourite artists include Professor Max Esser, who produced incredibly lifelike animal sculptures, and Professor Paul Scheurich, with his sculptures of Russian ballet. She also admires Professor Paul Miethe and his incomparably lifelike porcelain painting. These three artists are the main reason she started her own imposing art collection.

Ms. Sabat’s profound comprehensive expertise is self-taught and self-developed. She advises collectors all over Europe on building and developing comprehensive collections on various themes.

Ms. Sabat owns a specialist library, put together over many years, which she continues to expand. She enjoys close contact with the porcelain manufacturers KPM and Meissen, and maintains active information exchange with professional restorers.

Maria Sabat lives and works in Berlin.