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  • Austrian Paintings 1850 to 1920

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Philipp Worel
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  • Art historian
  • Guide for art collections in Vienna
  • Years of experience in the Viennese arts and antiques trade
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1230 Wien

We would like to introduce you to Philipp Worel, Auctionata expert in Austrian Paintings 1850 to 1920.

Philipp Worel inherited his grandfather’s passion for collecting as a teenager and would accompany him to various flea markets. It was here, for example, that Worel acquired his first pocket watch at the age of 13. His fascination with old and antique objects was likely also the driving force behind his decision to study art history.

During his studies he first worked in museums in Vienna. Tours through the collections and galleries gave him a great deal of joy and he developed a fondness for paintings. In this role, he appreciated the direct contact with visitors and the subsequent and individual manner in which an interest in art can be inspired or deepened.

Shortly before finishing his studies, he found his way into the Viennese art and antiquities trade, where he has since been able to complement his theoretical knowledge with practice. Here, too, he particularly values contact with collectors and enthusiasts of beautiful, old items.

As previously mentioned, paintings are his personal hobby horse. For him, contemplating a picture or a painting is a ‘journey of discovery’, woven with unbelievable variety.

Philipp Worel lives and works in Vienna.