Curriculum Vitae


  • In trade with antique carpets and consultant of international traders and collectors since 15 years
  • Worldwide network of trading with antique rugs and manufacturers of pristine carpets
  • Carpet expert for schä
  • Exhibitor at the Domotex carpet trade fair since 2007
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We would like to introduce you to Kurtulus Congar, Auctionata expert in Rugs.

Kurtulus Congar has been fascinated by hand-woven rugs since his early childhood. Both his mother and grandmother were well-versed in the traditional art of carpet weaving and passed their knowledge on to him. Thus, he became acquainted with the different motives, colours and patterns at an early age.

The expert worked in the gastronomy for many years before he turned the trade with traditional carpets into a profession in 2002. When an acquainted antique dealer needed the help of a translator with the sale of some pieces, Kurtulus Congar did him the favour and thus, discovered his passion for the precious and valuable carpets and started to study the market of antique oriental rugs.

Together with his uncle, who used to trade high-quality rugs in Turkey as a student, the expert has been dealing with exclusive antique rugs and carpets ever since. Numerous antique rugs have since passed through the experts' hands. The appraisal in person of those precious rugs and carpets is very important to him and essential in order to gain sound professional expertise.

Kurtulus Congar additionally participates in auctions and trade fairs on a regular basis, such as the Domotex trade fair in Hanover. In doing so, he gained excellent knowledge of the international market for antique carpets and new premium commodities.

Kurtulus Congar lives and works in Aachen.