Michael Kriegeskorte
Bergisch Gladbach

Expert in

  • Original Vintage Posters
  • Paintings and Works on Paper 20th C.
  • Difficult Signatures
Michael Kriegeskorte
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9am – 6pm EST

Curriculum Vitae


  • Art- and Production Director of an international art book publishing house after graduating in art and art history
  • Author and Publisher of numerous books about advertising and everyday culture
  • Head and Founder of the German advertising archive; establisher of a poster collection with approximately 15,000 exemplars
  • Art Collector and Art Advisor since 1980
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We would like to introduce you to Michael Kriegeskorte, Auctionata expert in Original Vintage Posters, Paintings and Works on Paper 20th century as well as Difficult Signatures.

Inspired by his father, an emeritus art professor at the University of Cologne, Michael Kriegeskorte studied fine arts, art history and art education in Cologne.

He helped establish an art book publishing house as art director and production manager from 1980 to 1989 before starting to write books about everyday culture and advertising in 1991. His published works include: “Advertising in Germany 1945  -1965 – the post-war period as reflected in its advertising” (“Werbung in Deutschland 1945 - 1965 – Die Nachkriegszeit im Spiegel ihrer Anzeigen”, Dumont Köln 1992); “Automotive Advertising in Germany 1948 - 1968 – a rise in pictures” (“Automobilwerbung in Deutschland 1948-1968 – Bilder eines Aufstiegs”,Dumont Köln 1995); “100 Years of Changes in Advertising - a journey through Germany's past” ("Hundert Jahre Werbung im Wandel – Eine Reise durch die deutsche Vergangenheit”, Dumont Köln 1997).

In 1994 he founded the German advertising archive, featuring among other things 15,000 historical posters.

In cooperation with the Westphalian museum department in Münster, the expert organized the travelling exhibition “Bart ab!” (Off with the beard!) in 1995. He wrote books and catalogues about his exhibitions but also about artists, for example German graphic designer Heinz Edelmann on the occasion of an exhibition Michael Kriegeskorte organized for him.

Ever since his art studies, the expert is a collector of contemporary art and works as an art advisor.

His primary objective is to show young collectors a realistic market transparency which allows to successfully combine the art experience with promising investments. Amongst many other works, the painting “Village Road with Trees” by the French painter Maurice de Vlaminck is one of the expert’s favourites.

Michael Kriegeskorte lives and works in Bergisch Gladbach.