Curriculum Vitae


  • more than 45 years of experience with carpet trade
  • managing director of the family-owned business Oriental Carpets Taleblou
  • trained carpet restorer
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We would like to introduce you to Valiollah Taleblou, Auctionata expert in Persian Carpets.

When Valiollah Taleblou was eight years old, his mother revealed to him the secrets of carpet knotting and restoration. His family had been involved in the carpet making business for generations and this knowledge had been passed on traditionally. The expert came with his family from Tehran to Berlin in 1975 and opened his first small business. Additionally, he worked as advisor and restorer. As of now, he runs two successful shops in Berlin as well as a carpet laundry and a gallery in Falkensee.

Valiollah Taleblou is very proud to pass on his passion of carpet making to his three sons in order to preserve the family business. For him, carpets are not only a piece of furniture but also perfectly detailed craftsmanship. With proper care, carpets can last for centuries and are as good as resilient. The expert owns a big assortment of carpets, rugs and tapestries and imports various pieces from villages in Iran, among other places. Apart from his work as trader, he also restores and cleans old carpets in the traditional way.

The expert works as advisor and consultant for insurance companies, private customers and well-known department stores. His private collection includes carpets and rugs from different regions in the Middle East.

Valiollah Taleblou works and lives in Berlin.