Mark Jones

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  • Sculptures
Mark Jones
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Over a decade of experience as an expert in ceramics, antiques, pre-Columbian and Asian art as well as Sculpture
  • Former head of ceramics department at Rosebery´s in London
  • Cataloguer for the fine arts quarterly sale at Rosebery´s
  • Independent art advisor for antiques and sculpture
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We would like to introduce you to Mark Jones, Auctionata expert in Ancient Art and Antiquities as well as Sculptures Middle Ages - 20th C.

Mark Jones was born in Wales, educated in Cambridge and completed his post-graduate studies at theUniversity of Wales in 2000. Growing up with antiques and collecting, he discovered his passion for antiques and art at an early age.

A teacher by education, the expert worked in his profession for a decade, before he began to work for a London-based specialist in early works of art and 17th century oak furniture.

Subsequently, Mark Jones applied to work for Rosebery’s auction house in London where he became a cataloger and also the head of the ceramics department. In this leading position, he could extend his already comprehensive expertise in sculptures, antiques, silver and collectibles as well as Asian and Chinese art.

Private circumstance prompted a move away from London and Rosebery’s, although Mark Jones continues to catalog the fine art quarterly sales and to advise collectors and institutions on works, particularly medieval sculptures and antiques.

Most recently, the expert was invited by local BBC radio to talk about antiques in general, antique galleries, the current market trends and how to distinguish an authentic piece from a copy orfake.

He is particularly fascinated with rediscovering and recognizing early works. On occasion, an ancient marble head could be applied to a 19th century bust or vice versa. To discover these distortions as well as the right art historical attribution, is one of the most important concerns of the expert.

Mark Jones lives and works in York.