Curriculum Vitae


  • Degree in textiles / fashion / costume design
  • Employee in a film-theatre fund in Hamburg
  • Since 2005, self employed stylist for various fashion magazines, catalogues, music videos, promotional films, promotional shootings, costume design, television films
  • 2011 founding of fashion label Made by Salonlöwin, and vintage label Salonlöwin
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We would like to introduce you to Verena Conrad, Auctionata expert in Museum Clothing and Accessories from 1900 - 1940 as well as 20th Century Design & Vintage Fashion.

Verena Conrad attributes her passion for the fashion of the pre-war period to old photo albums of her grandmother. The photos brought the old fashion and its fascinating stories to life right before her eyes. She was inspired by the charismatic people pictured in the albums and their elegant clothing, especially the white summer wardrobe with afternoon and evening dresses made of silk and lace, and the complete ensembles, where wardrobe and accessories perfectly matched each other were her favourites.

Her grandmother, the Grande Dame who was perfectly dressed down to the last detail, ultimately became the most important inspiration for her fashion label Made by Salonlöwin which was founded by Verena Conrad in Berlin in 2011 and which reflects the charm of the 1920s to 1940s.

Before she opened her own shop, she finished her degree in costume fashion textile design at HAW in Hamburg. Even at the beginning of her degree, her heart beat faster for various areas of design – apart from fashion, she was also interested in costume design, illustration and styling.

Her design focus is primarily on the period from 1900 - 1940. In order to guarantee a reproduction which is true to the original, she regularly works with a wardrobe master, and uses antiquarian cutting books and cutting patterns from her private collection. With her fashion, the young designer tells stories from the past that she knows inside and out.

She has a wide-ranging stock of antiquarian textiles, magazines, books, paintings, photographs, music and furniture. She acquires these from inherited family estates, visits to antique trade fairs, vintage trade fairs and flea markets.

Therefore, she has a profound knowledge in the area of museum clothing. For the expert however, this is part of an all encompassing understanding of an era, the complexity of which can only be understood when all sides of it are looked upon.

Verena Conrad lives and works in Berlin.