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  • Tin Toys and Model Trains

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Peter Holtz
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  • Peter Holtz advises international collectors of tin toys and model trains
  • The expert has more than 25 years of collecting experience
  • He has a thorough understanding of market prices
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We would like to introduce you to Peter Holtz, Auctionata expert in Tin Toys and Model Trains.

Peter Holtz's passion for antique trains and tin toys began in 1956, when he was given his first model train as a gift. This laid the foundation for a decades-long fascination with and love for model trains. His special interest lies with Märklin steam engines and toy model trains in the gauge 0+I, along with trains from various manufacturers produced prior to 1945. He started his tin toy train collection in 1975, with a complete Fleischmann track 0 collection before shifting his interests to Märklin. This collection, which focuses on pre-1945 Märklin tin toy trains for the gauge 0 + I, has grown considerably over the past 25 years. For decades, Peter Holtz owned one of the largest collections of steam engines made by manufacturers like Märklin, Bing, Carette, Falk, Plank and Schoenner. He successfully sold the collection some time ago.

The renowned expert has more than 30 years of experience in dealing and trading tin toys. In addition, he repairs and skillfully restores individual pieces. Peter Holtz has a wide-ranging network of collectors, enthusiasts and followers in the vintage toy market. For more than ten years he has identified, named and priced collectibles in an advisory capacity for the antiques market. He also advises tin toy collectors on how to build, maintain and care for their collections.

His favorite object is the ship “Crown Princess Cecilie“ by the manufacturer Fleischmann.

Peter Holtz lives and works in Bremen.