Curriculum Vitae


  • Specialized in Dutch and German cameras (from glass plate to digital)
  • Extensive documentation for historical research
  • Active freelance photographer
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Fotografica
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We would like to introduce you to Hans van der Meer, Auctionata expert in Vintage and Antique Photo Cameras.

Hans van der Meer has been an active photographer and collector of fotografica for more than 25 years. In the beginning he was interested in the entire range of collectibles, however, this was not sustainable in the long run.
The hunt for fotografica objects leads the experts to numerous auctions, trade fairs and exhibitions.

In the last 15 years Hans van der Meer developed an in-depth expertise for the manufacturers Agfa, Ansco, Rietzschel, and Gevaert.  Additionally, he is fascinated by Dutch manufacturers, such as Tahbes, Nedinsco and Louise Rewo.

His distinctive passion for collection led to the establishment of a Museum in 2009, in which a large part of the expert’s collection can be admired.  Many of the visitors are interested in the prices of the exposed cameras.  Over the years, he developed a good feeling for the market value, also by exhibiting at various collector fairs, such as the fair in Utrecht and Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Hans van der Meer’s favourite object is the model “Rietzschel Heli-Clack”, a plate camera from 1923 and a fantastic English Wooden travel camera from 1904.

Hans van der Meer lives and works in Deinum, the Netherlands.