Curriculum Vitae


  • Member of the Masonic Lodge since 1978
  • Member of Quator Coronati – the Masonic Research Association
  • Freelance appraiser for auction houses and antique dealers
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We would like to introduce you to Philipp Crusius, Auctionata expert in Freemasonary as well as Secret Societies 18CT.

Philipp Crusius had always been fascinated by history. His was always particularly interested in Ancient Greece and Rome as well as the history of Christianity. When he joined the Masonic Lodge in 1978, the expert eventually found his field of research.

Despite being a medical practitioner, Philipp Crusius has been engaged in the scientific consideration of freemasonry, its history in the 18th century and its ritualistics ever since. As a member of the Masonic Research Association Quator Coronati, he has excellent sources at his disposal for his personal research. The expert frequently publishes scientific articles in the Masonic Lodge's journal TAU and gives lectures within the circle of the Research Association in Bremen.

Philipp Crusius obtained a specialised knowledge in this field by studying freemasonry for decades, as well as Masonic scriptures and ritual objects. He is frequently visiting international exhibitions, auctions and specialised dealers and is always up to date with the market prices.

As a distinguished expert for Masonic ritualistics, he is a regular consultant for auction houses and antique dealers.

Philipp Crusius lives and works in Bremen.