Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 30 years experience as a collector and dealer
  • Served as an appraiser and lecturer on vintage handbags (pre 1950)
  • Exhibits at various fairs in the United States
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We would like to introduce you to Nula Thanhauser, Auctionata expert in Vintage Handbags (pre 1950).

Nula Thanhauser has been collecting purses for 30 years. With her three daughters grown, Ms Thanhauser decided to reinvent herself and turn her passion into a business. She is now considered a respected expert in vintage handbags and has served as both an appraiser and lecturer on the topic.  

She began collecting when she would join her husband on his business trips to London. While he was working she would go hunting for unusual handbags, particularly ones with whimsical or fun clasps. The more absurd or amusing the more she loves them!  

Ms Thanhauser is most passionate about Art Deco pieces due to their beautiful architectural design and handmade craftsmanship. She also loves pieces that are by known artists or sculptors, such as a piece in her current collection by Eric de Kolb.

She exhibits her collection at discerning antique shows across the United States and loves sharing her passion for purses and hats.

Nula Thanhauser lives and works in New York.