Curriculum Vitae


  • 25 years experience as a collector and international dealer of exclusive, antique enamel & porcelain signs
  • Specializes in top European signs, as well as signs from Argentina & Uruguay
  • Worldwide network of contacts and private collections
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We would like to introduce you to Francis Bracke, Auctionata expert in International Advertising Enamel Signs.

When, at the age of 16, Francis Bracke saw a porcelain enamel sign on display in the window of an Antwerp gallery, he braked so sharply on his motorbike that he nearly had an accident. He describes this encounter with a large "Spa Monopole" sign by the artist Jean d'Ylen as being "love at first sight". And this love has evidently lasted.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Bracke has been a passionate collector and also dealer of porcelain enamel signs. Whether he is "sign-hunting" in Argentina, or scouting at auctions - he can always be found, full of enthusiasm for his specialized field.

Mr. Bracke has a worldwide network of contacts from collectors to dealers, and is regarded as a wandering encyclopedia on the subject. His closeness to the market means that he is an expert who knows all there is to know about the rarity and value of old advertising signs. 

Francis Bracke lives and works in Antwerp.