Curriculum Vitae


  • Scientific analysis and continuing expansion of large private collection since the 90s
  • Extensive knowledge of market prices and rarity of objects
  • Participation in various projects, including exhibition at the German Museum of Technology
  • Publishing of the book "Indian Motorcycles – The Michael Decker Photo Collection", written by Thomas Bund
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We would like to introduce you to Michael Decker, Auctionata expert in Antique Motorcycles, Automobilia and Aviation Collectibles.

At 15, the then passionate model train collector Michael Decker developed a desire to get engaged with “real” trains. A true citizen of Berlin and with more territory to explore right next door in the former GDR, he spent his life on the move and soon under the spell of pre-1945 means of transportation.

In addition to trains this world included historic motorcycles, automobiles, airplanes, and zeppelins – in short, anything that was powered by steam or a combustion engine. Starting in the early 1990s, Mr Decker began dedicating himself solely to scientific research and the constant expansion of his collection. Every year he attends nearly every major auction, event, and trade fair related to the field, such as the Veterama in Mannheim or the Oldtimer Gallery in Moscow.

His knowledge of the current market prices, rarity of items, and of international collections have made Mr. Decker an important partner for developing exhibition projects, for example, with the German Technology Museum. One aspect of his vast collection is featured in the recently published book “Indian Motorcycles – The Michael Decker Photo Collection” written by Thomas Bund. 

Michael Decker lives and works in Berlin