Curriculum Vitae


  • Studied automotive engineering followed by 14 years experience as development engineer
  • Comprehensive knowledge in the field of appraisal and evaluating the condition of automobiles
  • Dealing historic automobiles at Classic Remise, a prestigious locale in Berlin, for the past 8 years
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We would like to introduce you to Roland Kayser, Auctionata expert in Classic Cars.

Legend has it that the first word that Mr Kayser, a qualified engineer, uttered was not your usual "Mummy", but the word "car". This early predisposition was then indeed confirmed when he subsequently studied to earn a degree in Automotive Engineering, followed by 14 years employment as a development engineer, during which he was instrumental in the development of the Ford Mondeo.

However, working as a manager did not really satisfy the passionate classic car driver (he owns a Peugeot Cabrio 404, built 67) and so for the past eight years Mr Kayser has been dealing in historic vehicles at Classic Remise, a prestigious address for Classic Cars in Berlin. His knowledge as a development engineer can be put to good use when it comes to restoration projects or when evaluating a car´s condition.

His interest in the history of automobiles has also led him to teaching and since 2008 he has been lecturing automotive history at the Berlin University for Applied Sciences.

Roland Kayser lives and works in Berlin.