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  • Furniture Gothic to Art Deco
  • Sculptures Gothic to Art Deco
  • Folk Art

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Ulrich Vogt
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Co-founder of the Handel-Kontor www.Handels-Kontor.com
  • Art expert for television programmes
  • Owner of the antique shop "Antiquitäten Vogt" in Dortmund
  • Longstanding experience as an auctioneer
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We would like to introduce you to Ulrich Vogt, Auctionata expert in Furniture Gothic to Art Deco, Sculptures Gothic to Art Deco and Folk Art.

Ulrich Vogt's love of art and antiquities began in the cradle. He started his own collection at the age of 10, when he discovered a round wall clock of a neighbour, which he wanted to repair straight away. This was the beginning of a life-long passion for everything that you can repair, restore and renovate. After his wedding he began to furnish his apartment in the art nouveau style and refined his style from move to move. From art nouveau he moved to significantly older eras, and in the end, it was a mixture of furniture from the Gründerzeit [Founder epoch], Louis Philippe, Biedermeier, Louis Seize / Empire, Baroque, Renaissance, and some pieces from the Gothic period. He achieved his specialisation with the last move to a farm in North Germany, where he committed himself to the 17th and 18th century in all areas.

Ulrich Vogt tapped one area of art after another slowly but surely with his autodidact manner. He is particularly taken with the earlier eras. His expertise ranges from the Gothic period right up to Art Deco, and covers the most diverse areas - from European furniture to paintings, sculptures, silver, porcelain, hunting objects and militaria right up to nautical science, technology, folk art, varia - simply everything that used to be available in households. As an assessor of estates and collections, he was able to constantly expand his knowledge, and get a good feeling for the market value of objects, due to his role as an auctioneer.

The expert is the co-founder of the Handelskontor which hosts auctions in private houses, and has worked as an auctioneer himself for years. In Dortmund he managed the antique shop "Antiquitäten - Vogt" for many years, and compiled survey reports for insurance companies, trade fairs and private persons. As an auctioneer Mr Vogt travelled all over Germany, and was also regularly seen on German television programmes as an expert. Additionally, he attends numerous trade fairs in Germany and Europe.

One of Mr Vogt's most memorable discoveries was a very old group of figures that he bought spontaneously at a flea market, which later turned out to be Gothic figures of a saint from the 15th century.

Ulrich Vogt lives and works in Belum.

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