Claudine Colombo

Expert in

  • 18th - 19th C. Chinoiserie and Fô Dogs
  • Asian Porcelain and Ceramics from the 18th - 19th C.
Claudine Colombo
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Degree in history of art, École du Louvre , interior decoration, museology
  • Lecturer in history of art and antique appreciation and trade
  • Historic exhibitions
  • Curator of various collections
  • Expert opinions for private and museum collections
  • Member of ICOM
  • 2006: Foundation of the MERILART art promotion label
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We would like to introduce you to Claudine Colombo, Auctionata expert in 18th - 19th century Chinoiserie and Fô Dogs, Asian Art, Tribal Art & Antiquities, Asian Porcelain and Ceramics from the 18th - 19th century, Antique Furniture, Decorative Arts & Sculpture.

Impressed by her early dealings with Meissen porcelain and Asian objects, and above all contact with Yvonne de Bremond d’Ars, Paris, it was a natural step for Mrs Colombo to get a degree in history of art. She completed this in Bern and Zurich in Switzerland, and in Germany. She completed her studies at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, in the area of antique appreciation, and in the area of interior decoration at the Regent Academy in London. She also studied museology in Lausanne.

Mrs Colombo acted as an advisor to a number of her customers, regarding the purchasing and building up of their own antiques shops.

Later, she carried out expert opinions and consultations for the furnishing of Swiss chalets and expert opinions on artefacts for insurance companies. She gave lectures, amongst others, in the Chateau of Versailles, as well as seminars about antiques and the antiques trade.

Today, she primarily works in the area of exhibitions and expert reports. In cooperation with the Sorbonne University, she is researching porcelain – in form and technique – out of which the luxury drinks of the 18th Century (tea, cocoa, and coffee) were consumed.

Her specialisation is the valuation of Fô dogs and depictions of dragons.

The dragon as a universal mythical creature has always fascinated Mrs Colombo.

The Asian arts of flower arranging, Hua Tao in China, and Ikebana in Japan, the creations of which are depicted on many porcelain objects, are also included in her specialist area.

Mrs Colombo has published numerous professional publications as well. 

Claudine Colombo lives and works in Switzerland.