Curriculum Vitae


  • Johannes Hübner is a specialist in Classic Cars
  • Mr. Hübner worked for the magazine ‘Oldtimer Markt’
  • He has published several works on automobiles, and automotive history
  • Mr. Hübner also organizes many events, including the IAA-Sondershauen
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We would like to introduce you to Johannes Hübner, Auctionata Expert in Classic Cars.

Johannes Hübner is renowned for his experience and skill in the field of automotive history, motorsport history, and vintage automobiles. He frequently lectures on the subject at classic car events and symposia. He also founded the magazine ‘Oldtimer Markt’.

In addition to this work, Mr. Hübner enjoys being a track commentator at many racing events, and, since 2001, he has organized the International Concours d’Elegance Classic Gala Schwetzingen. He is also the head of the commission archives for the International Automobile Federation FIA. Mr. Hübner was CEO and Manager of departmental communications and sporting events at AvD until 2008. Mr. Hübner is deeply involved in researching his field of interest, and has published several texts (text is a word that can be used to describe all written materials: books, journals, articles, etc.) on the subject of automobiles, their intricacies, and their history.

Johannes Hübner lives and works in Friedberg, Germany.