Curriculum Vitae


  • Over 10 years Comic Book Store Manager at Comic Investments
  • Over 15 years Auction Manager for Lelands, Sports Heroes, Ron Oser Enterprises, Robert Edward Auctions
  • Studies in history at the University of Pennsylvania, specialized in film history
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We would like to introduce you to Tom Orr, Auctionata expert in Comics.

Tom Orr is expert in Comic Books and Graphic Art, Sports Cards and Memorabilia, American Popular Culture and Historical Items.

Tom Orr grew up in the quintessential American suburb, Levittown, at the height of the Baby Boom, in the decade that created modern American Pop Culture. Tom’s fascination with old movies, going back to the silent era, made him a trivia expert by the time he was in high school. He started acting and singing, taking “Summer Stock” classes starting at age 12. He studied history at the University of Pennsylvania, especially film history. After studying acting and theatre at Temple University, Tom went to work for six years in Philadelphia dinner theatres, doing up to 9 shows a week. He is a member of the Actor’s Equity Association.

Tom’s love of comic books also began when he was young. In the late 1970’s, Tom began working for Comic Investments. It was the first comic book store in Philadelphia, and an inspiration for the direct marketing revolution of the 1980’s. Learning comic book grading from one of the early legends of the comic collecting hobby, Ron Oser, Tom Orr lived firsthand the evolution of the modern collecting industry. Ordering, purchasing collections, authentication, grading, and conventions, Tom Orr did it all, managing stores for Ron in in the Philadelphia area. Tom accumulated an extensive knowledge of the history of comics and their creators. He is able to identify classic artists and inkers by their style and pencil or brush strokes. As a teenager, he visited the offices of Marvel Comics with his art samples, and experienced the Marvel Bullpen in its famous heyday. These stores were also the first stores to sell collectible sports cards.

By the 1990’s, the collectibles where becoming too desirable for a local audience. Tom worked with many of the major national auction houses, expanding into sports memorabilia, movie and TV memorabilia, artwork, and historical items. Tom Orr has handled the famous Honus Wagner card that sold to Wayne Gretzky for over 2 million dollars, Babe Ruth uniforms, Abraham Lincoln manuscripts, and Madonna’s “Material Girl” video gown. The auctions were soon taking in millions, attracting investors and celebrities. Tom’s job was to give personal attention to the bidders that needed descriptions and advice. He helped Billy Crystal, Penny Marshall, Eddie Vedder, James Earl Jones, and Keith Olbermann with their bidding decisions.

Tom Orr lives and works in New Jersey and in New York.