Curriculum Vitae


  • Specializes in dolls from the mid-19th century to the 1970s
  • 30 years as a writer for Doll World Magazine
  • Appraised over 5000 dolls
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We would like to introduce you to Lauren Jaeger Mikalov, Auctionata expert in Miscellaneous and Antique Dolls.

Even as a child, Lauren Jaeger Mikalov felt passionate about antique dolls displayed at antique shows. She read The Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls obsessively, and by age 13 she had already acquired examples of bisque head German dolls. While in high school, she was hired by a museum to identify and appraise an enormous collection of antique French and German dolls. This hands-on experience brought a familiarity with the true rarities in the field - gorgeous French fashion dolls and other fine German dolls.

Ms. Jaeger Mikalov wrote for Doll World Magazine and continued her monthly columns "Identifying Your Dolls" and "Dolls Price Guide" for nearly 30 years (the magazine was later purchased, and is known now as "Dolls Magazine"). These columns served as important resources for collectors. She identified and wrote about thousands of examples of antique, vintage and mid-century dolls for collectors all over the world.

She has done research in museum archives and has appraised fine collections, including the outstanding collection of the late Laura Meisner.

Lauren Jaeger Mikalov lives and works in New York.