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  • Japanese Buddhist Statuary
  • Japanese Religious Paintings

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Mark Schumacher
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  • Author of the world-renowned dictionary on Japanese Buddhist Statuary
  • Wide network of scholars, collectors, art professionals in the field
  • Degrees in Chinese and Japanese Studies
  • Owner of, offering modern statuary
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We would like to introduce you to Mark Schumacher, Auctionata expert in Japanese Buddhist Statuary and Japanese Religious Paintings.

A longtime resident of Japan, American-born Mark Schumacher fell in love with Buddhist statuary in 1993 after moving to Kamakura (Japan), where he still resides. He holds an undergraduate degree in Chinese Studies and a master’s degree in Japanese Studies.

Over the years, Mr. Schumacher has worked with a variety of academics and art professionals, including scholars at the School for Oriental and African Studies (University of London), art historians at Ohio State University, and private collectors. His network also includes professional appraisers of Japanese art as well as curators of Japanese art collections at major American museums. He has published articles in art journals like Impressions (Japanese Art Society of America) andOrientations (a magazine for collectors and connoisseurs of Asian art), and worked with experts in a wide variety of fields, including Japanese ceramics guru Robert Yellin.

Mr. Schumacher’s true love is his A-to-Z Online Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Religious Statuary, now with more than 4,000 photos and reviews of some 400 deities. Even after twenty years his dictionary continues to garner praise worldwide from university religious studies departments, museum curators, and art historians as an endless reservoir of information.

As part of this lifelong project, Mr. Schumacher helps museums, art collectors, and galleries to identify pieces in their collections. He also sells inexpensive modern statuary through his commercial site

Mark Schumacher lives and works in Japan.