Curriculum Vitae


  • Over two years lecturer in History of Art (TFA) of the University of Bologna
  • Over ten years lecturer in History of Art of the University Primo Levi in Bologna
  • Participate at the project Manuscritos anticuarios y epigráficos en su contexto histórico (1450-1500) directed by Professor Xavier Espluga
  • PhD in History of Art focused on illuminated manuscripts
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We would like to introduce you to Dr. Daniele Guernelli, Auctionata expert in Western Illuminated Manuscripts.

Dr. Daniele Guernelli studied art history at the University of Bologna and discovered his passion for manuscripts while writing his master’s thesis, for which he analyzed medieval manuscripts. It was an experience that would have a lasting impression on him. Dr. Guernelli was fascinated by magnificent book paintings from 1350, and felt able to relate to the lives of the people who had annotated and owned such writings centuries earlier. From that moment on, he focused his work on codices formerly owned and studied by popes, kings, artists and humanists. The magnificently adorned pages made it was an easy choice for Dr. Guernelli to focus his area of specialty entirely on illustrated manuscripts.

After graduation, Dr. Guernelli continued to further his knowledge of the history of illuminated manuscripts by beginning his PhD at the University of Bologna. His doctoral studies, under the supervision of Professor Fabrizio Lollini, focused on illuminated manuscripts from the second half of the 15th century.

During his time in Bologna, Dr. Guernelli discovered the work of Bartolomeo Sanvito, the well-known Italian master of humanistic italic script, and the Italian illuminators Pacino di Buonaguida, Niccolò di Giacomo, Cristoforo Cortese and Francesco d’Antonio del Chierico. He was also published in the Burlington Magazine, where he described and analyzed the work of Jean Colombe, the artist of LesTrès Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, probably the most famous illuminated manuscript in the world. Dr. Guernellis is also responsible for the attribution of a 1901 illuminated parchment from Vienna to Gustav Klimt.

For several years, Dr. Daniele Guernelli has been lecturing in art history at the University of Bologna and the the Università Primo Levi in Bologna. Since 2011, he has been a regular participant of the project Manuscritos anticuarios y epigráficos en su contexto histórico (1450-1500) headed by Professor Xavier Espluga of the Department de Filologia Llatina de la Universitat de Barcelona.

Dr. Daniele Guernelli lives and works in Bologna.